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The CBE CB516 is a 16 Amp Switch Mode Battery Charger.
CBE battery chargers can charge automatically lead acid, lead-gel and AGM batteries with innovative charging lines. They are protected against overheating and the 12V outputs are protected against short circuits and polarity inversion.

The high frequency switching technology gives excellent performance with limited weight and dimensions.

Charging process for 12V batteries:
- Desulphation : when switching on the battery charger, only if needed, the battery is charged at 15,2V until the current exceeds 2A or for a maximum of 2 hours.
- Bulk : battery charging with maximum current until the end-of-charge voltage is reached.
- Note: the end-of-charge voltage is reached only if the battery is efficient.
- Absorption : battery charging at constant end-of-charge voltage for the time defined by the charging line, with a progressive current reduction until the charging is completed.
- Float : Maintenance charging at constant voltage for a maximum time of 15 hours. A high load leads to phase Bulk starting again.
- Stand-by : The battery charger stops supplying power. It will switch over to the Refresh phase when the battery voltage goes under 13V.
- Refresh : The battery is charged at the Bulk voltage for a maximum time of 1h; this phase is designed to compensate for the battery self-discharge. Once completed, the charging starts again from the Float phase.

  • Overheat protection
  • Short circuit and polarity protection
  • 16 amp battery charger
  • High frequency switching technology
Recently upgrade to Lithium so this charger was not ideal, and now redundant.


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