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For sale Anybody collect Zippos?

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Does anybody collect Zippos?

I have three sat in the drawer.. no idea what they sell for hence the crazy price but open to offers for all three or as single items

1 x Falkland Islands 1986 - Purchased at Port Stanley, Falkland Islands (used but in excellent condition, Stainless)
1 x RAF Akrotiri - Purchased at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus (again, used but in excellent condition, Stainless)
1 x Op Telic 2004 Gulf War 2 - Purchased at Basra Air Base, Iraq (brand new brass)

All bought by me when in those locations, Boxed or in cases

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That’s Telic what’s the stamp?
Make me an offer... I’ve decided to send all the proceeds to Lymphoma Action.. a charity close to our hearts... I was in the Falklands in ‘86 for the first time as the detachment moved from Stanley to Mount Pleasant.. there for the infamous Hand Of God but we had no live TV so had to make do with the radio..

I went there another three times in my service career.. all winter tours 😌
[QUOTE="Bluemanc100]I went there another three times in my service career.. all winter tours 😌 [/QUOTE]
Gordon Bennett, who did you upset, the Brigadier or the Air Commodore ...................... or both? :rofl:
I was attached to an RAF Regiment Rapier Sqn when I got to Sgt running the MT section so it was done on rotation... but in answer to your question... when I applied for release at my 22 year point they sent me to Basra for the last 4 months of my service... the caring RAF 😉

BUT... I’d do it all again tomorrow..part of me wishes I’d stayed on to WO but I had another short career in Civvy St and met some great people so can’t complain
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