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For sale ALDE 12v Circulation Pump



This came out of our ALDE 3010 system when I upgraded the boiler with an inline pump because I thought this pump was faulty. The pump turned out to be fine: it was the non-return valve at fault! These are about £150 retail. I can post it for about a fiver or collect at any reasonable time. The TV amp is for sale too: 15 quids!


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I bought this Smart TV to take to Spain this year. I've removed the sound bar from the ad as I now have an urgent need for it! As you all know our trip was cut short due to my eyesight problem so it was used for just two months. I'm selling to finance a big monitor for my PC: that way I'll be...
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Our ancient Remoska is for sale. I can't find the serial number to get a date, but I was never any good at reading Roman Numerals anyway! Full working order, well worn, clean and complete with stainless steel rack which I made a new leg for in 2015! These things cost £149.99 nowadays... :eek...
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For sale REMOSKA Cooker
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includes UK postage
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Please supply how it fits all does it bolt on supports, fiamma bike rack ? and the size etc.
For sale 2l Remoska.
2l Remoska for sale good condition comes with stand and cookbook. Pickup South Lanarkshire, or post for £5 within UK.
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Sawiko scooter rack in superb condition Will fit 99% of motor home or campervans Item was mounted on a 2003 Hymer b544 Fiat based This unit is fully adjustable and easy to remove and store
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Two pairs of levelling ramps for sale: Fiamma (Yellow) with bag - one is cracked on the bottom but does not effect use at all Milenco Quattro 3 (Black) with bag - good condition, the one on the left hand of the photo slightly deformed between the 3rd and 4th level. I think this happened during...

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