Free 3 x 2.5" SATA 2 3Gbps drives

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Been having a bit of a tidy up and have 3 2.5" SATA 2 drives which are fully functional and have been wiped.
Samsung ST750LM022, 750Gb formats to just over 700Gb from Windows, this came out of my old Asus when I upgraded to an SSD.
Western Digital WD500LUCT, 500Gb formats to approx 470Gb from Windows, this came out of a BT MyView box which had a failed receiver.
Toshiba MQ01ABD050V, again 500Gb formats to approx 470Gb and also came out of an old BT MyView box.
As I have filled my NAS server with as many drives as I can fit in (and probably have far to much storage now) and my CAD machine now has SSDs in it I have no use for these drives.
If they are of any use to anyone let me know which one you want, or all, and message me your address and I'll pop them in the post. Virtually no weight so don't worry about postage.
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