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Used only three times since purchase this year, side tension bars included. Easy to install after first learning curve! Like new condition apart from some bent tent pegs. 3.6M seemed great to me, but too small for all my Wife's junk! You do need to install an additional Thule mounting rail (not included). Easy to do, but delayed me a week as I didn't know it was required when I bought it.

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Hi, Could you advise what the height range for this Awning is. I’d also appreciate if you could elaborate on the additional mounting rail required. Is the mounting rail in addition to the Omnistor wind out Sun Shade. Regards Stev
Hi Stev, I bought the tent late last year and tried to install it in Jan this year when I found that I needed an additional rail as my motorhome only had the rail fitted to the end of the Omnistor (which is also required). The rail was cheap, quick and easy from Leisure Outlet, but my van was in Ireland so it didn't get fitted until March. The rail is 4 meters long and needs to be sikaflexed to the van just under the Omnistor, if you already have an awning rail attached to your van under the Omnistor you wouldn't need it. I've just measured my rail and it's 92 inches off the deck, 2,335 ish I think? The tent works at this height but would be preferable maybe a few inches lower as the skirts are not as I'd like them to tuck in having dogs that might escape during the night. I think 86-88 inches would be ideal to get the skirt flat on the ground.
Regards, Rob
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