For sale 2 x Varta LFD75 Professional Dual Purpose Leisure Batteries

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2 x Varta LFD75 Professional Dual Purpose Leisure Batteries. Varta dual purpose deep cycle leasure batteries They were fitted to our motorhome circa 20 months ago. They have only done a couple of trips with us and their voltage has never taken below 12.3v (70%) plus I don’t use an inverter. I’m now looking to install a new system, hence the sale. They were fitted as a pair which as you are probably aware this is the correct way. Ideally I would like to sell them as a pair however if they generate interest as individual batteries I will sell them individually; If you have read this far you are probably already know Varta are the one highest rated battery brands.

As you can see I have taken several photographs of the both batteries and the venting tubes. The last time I looked Amazon were selling them for £103.99 each. These batteries looked after correctly will last a good ten years plus.

Any test is welcome. These batteries look and operate as new.
The information below was copied from the Internet:

Brand Varta

Product Code LFD75

DIN 930 075 065

Voltage 12 Volts

Technology Wet

Capacity (C20) 75 Ah

Length 278 mm

Width 175 mm

Height inc. terms 190 mm

If you have any questions please just message me. If you wish to view and test the batteries prior to bidding, no problem, drop me a message and I will make an arrangement for you to visit.

The person who buys these batteries will not be disappointed.

This is a collection in person only sale or alternatively you can arrange your own courier/transportation. However if it helps
I would be happy to deliver or meet a buyer half way at a cost of .18p per mile i.e. if the destination was 15 miles away my total journey would be 30 miles and cost £5.40. (30 x .18p = £5.40).
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Hi,are your batteries still for sale if so would you consider an offer for collection about jan 4 th,thanks
Hi I am interested in your pair of batteries. Would you / could you meet me at
M5, Strensham, Worcester WR8 0BZ services. How much fuel money would you want if your happy to come that far.
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