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I have a 1 year old 1TB SSD and an 8 Gb SODIMM which I have just taken out of my old Asus laptop which finally had to be replaced after the screen hinge broke. I upgraded these literally 1 year ago (purchased on 3rd Jan last year) and it gave my 7 year old laptop a new lease of life. So if you have an older laptop which these will fit in you are more then welcome to them.

The SSD is a Crucial MX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5" 7mm (with 9.5mm adapter) Internal SSD,

SODIMM is a Crucial 8GB DDR3L-1866 SODIMM. I am unable to add a link for this as it appears that Crucial no longer list this particular SODIMM and when checking against my old laptop they now say the memory speed should be1600 not 1866, but as 1866 RAM will happily run at 1600 this should be good for any laptop it fits that uses 1600 RAM as well. The equivalent 1600 SODIMM is:

If you need to check if these fit in your laptop then go to and select either Select Computer or Scan Computer on the home page.

I also have a USB to SATA data transfer cable which will enable you to clone your existing hard drive to this SSD if you have the relevant software which I will send with the SSD

SSD has been 100% wiped, partitions deleted, recreated, low level formatted, and repeated and finally partitions deleted so it is as it came out of the factory.
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would love the SSD and happy to pay postage and packaging (I live in Leighton Buzzard)
could i possibly have these items as my own Asus is a tortoise lol

please lmk regards postage costs which i forgot to add

please lmk

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