Charity Auctions

  1. Christmas Charity Auctions 2018

    All Proceeds of the Charity go Direct to Myaware a Registered Charity No. England & Wales 1046443. Scotland SC044744. This is how it works. 

    • Someone offers up something for auction. 
    • Each item has it’s own thread If you want an item you respond in the thread with your bid.
    • Whoever has the highest bid posted on the forum at 8pm on the 21st December will win.
    • The donator should specify who is responsible for postage, donor or buyer. Please be aware of this when bidding.
    • Only when the donor sees your bid paid on our Just Giving Page will they post/deliver the goods.

    If you have something to donate great, it does not have to be expensive, it can be silly or funny or highly desirable, anything at all. if you don't have anything then please consider bidding, remember if you are the highest bidder at the auction end then you win. Best of luck. yy

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