What is a rally

It is a gathering of Motorhome Fun Members who enjoy a weekend (or longer) away. They are an excellent opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. Rallies may well have a theme, but will mainly revolve around chatter, having a laugh and perhaps a drink or two and a bite to eat. They are held in various locations so you can discover new places too.


Marshals ready and waiting for Funsters to arrive.​

Who am I likely to meet at a Rally
A complete mixture of people some with families and teenagers. Single people are travelling on their own. Plenty of working and retired couples of all ages. Lots of people with dogs, some even bring their cat.

Where are rallies held
The club has rallies happening throughout the year, right through the winter. Most are in the UK, but they can happen as far afield as France Spain, Portugal even Morocco. Some rallies are held on commercial campsites, we call these Meets. For example; a group might all decide to meet up for a weekend at Bath Marina Campsite.

Rallies might be held in a field or even a car park, anywhere in fact we have the landowners permission. We also have Show rallies where we gather at Motorhome Shows around the country. These tend to be the biggest rallies, some have hundreds attending.
What goes on at rallies

Most of what is going to happen at a rally you will know beforehand because it will be discussed on the forum. Don’t attend without carefully reading all of the rally thread. At some rallies you may be given a letter, at others, there might a notice board telling you what is going on. It’s important you know what’s happening because if you don’t attend, no one will come looking for you. Our philosophy is that you are free to do as you please so it’s assumed that if you are not there, it’s because you don’t want to be.

The type of activities on a rally depends on the rally, no two are really the same. Some might be nothing more than meeting and sharing a beer and a chat under an awning. Others might include dog walks, trips to a pub, meals out. Cycle rides, A group barbeque, An American Supper (this is a style of buffet. Everyone attending brings along something to eat with some to share, this style of buffet often turns into a banquet) Quizzes, table sales, music making; some might have a theme, such as the swinging sixties, etc. At any rally you can take part in activities as much or as little as you wish - there is no pressure to join in everything or indeed anything.


Ralliers enjoying a day at the races​

But I don't know anyone.
If you are a first-time rallier, don’t worry you will be looked after. We understand that you might be apprehensive and we know some find meeting new people a bit daunting so we’ll do our best to get you introduced to others. You may have heard some horrendous stories about our initiation ceremonies, but we promise they don’t hurt too much.


Funsters Having Fun​

Rally dos, don'ts and one Never

Let’s start with that one ‘Never’….
Never arrive earlier than the rally start time. Rally marshals like to get themselves sorted and then get ready to welcome you. Arriving early seems to be a common practise. However, doing so is inconsiderate and rude. Please don’t do it.
Do arrive with friends you want to park with. It’s not always possible to save spaces. If want to save a space for someone and you cannot, you may well be pitched next to someone you don’t know, rejoice..that’s an additional friend you’ll have at the next rally.​
Do let the marshals know if you can’t make it or are running late. Waiting up late for people who are never going to arrive is no fun and extremely discourteous.​
Do arrive with a smile. Yes you might have been arguing with your partner moments before about that wrong turn, you might have had one helluva journey, but we need to see smiles when you arrive. Big ones.​
Do arrive with water, much better to spend the first half hour having a beer and a chat, than queuing for the tap.​
Do introduce yourself to your near neighbours if your rally marshal hasn't.​
Do Make sure you know what is happening if you don’t know then ask your neighbours or the Rally marshals.​
Don't be shy. Make an effort and you’ll be rewarded. Be Social. If you see a new member speak to them and make them welcome. If you’re a new member don’t wait to be spoken too! Grab a chair and a beer and join in.​
Don’t be a nuisance, please be considerate, obey any generator rules and if it's past 2 am, take the party inside :)
Do enjoy yourself, it’s about having Fun. Remember rally fields can be a little noisy, If you like to be tucked up in bed by 9 pm then rather than use ear plugs, stay up a little later and go and join the party.​
Do thank the rally marshals when you leave, they’ve given their time to you, let them know you appreciate it. And if you’re wondering… no, they won’t be offended if you want to leave them a beer as a tip​

We have thousands of photos taken from our rallies going back to our very first in 2007, take a look it will give you a good feel for what goes on. You can discuss this article here.
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