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Default satnav

Going to France soon which Satnav is best
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Default sat nav

hi Terry,

I have just started using a Garmin 3597 and its really good. It does everything the latest TomTom does but without the reliability issues and comes with free speed camera and map updates for life.

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I have the Garmin 560LMT lifetime map updates, notification of traffic issues and speed camera updates.plug in van dimensions too.
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Hi terrylancs hope this helps i bought the one billdrill recomended.
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After seeing the previous threads on Satnavs and nearly coming a cropper in Belgium with a low bridge when using our TomTom One XL we ordered the sat nav below as we are off to France next Saturday. I ordered it on the 12th June and the delivery was estimated to be 28th June but it arrived on 19th June. I was very impressed with the speedy service and received notifications when it was sent and when it arrived in the UK. It cost 42 and comes with maps of UK and Europe pre-installed. It looks a tidy piece of kit and I have had a play with it, programming destinations with addresses and then trying it with GPS co-ordinates and both were easy to do. I have set it to bus mode as you can choose the type of vehicle from a selection. I am still looking to see if I can specify our height etc but not too worried if I can't as I guess a bus wouldn't be any lower than our MH. It also has other functions such as storing photos, playing music and is a TV but I haven't worked these options and I am not likely to need to. I will feed back after our trip if we make it in one piece!!


I have just had fun learning how to create my first blog ready for when our new adventure begins at the end of April
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In the world of motorcycles, it is said there are, when it comes right down to it, only two types of heads.. Arai and Shoei.. With the occasional foray into uncharted waters

I have long since come to the conclusion GPS users are similarly split
Garmin users and TomTom users, again with the more adventurous going their own way

In general Garmin users will be Garmin Lovers and TonTom haters, and on the other side of the coin are the TomTom Lovers and Garmin Haters

I have both ( typical split brain ! )

I used to hate the TT and there is still a BLOODY annoying trick they all pull when it comes to dealing with toll roads*, but do love the way it behaves in general

The Garmin I find MUCH easier to add stuff to and although now getting long in the tooth ( it is 4 years old ) is used every trip along side the TT

The Tomtom I use to get me to destinations, while the Garmin I use for stuff like fuel, aires, gas and even supermarkets ( Yes, I know the TT does that too but not so well )

The Tomtom and toll roads
So you set the TT to no toll roads, but as humans are fallible you make a mistake and end up on a toll road approach
The TT will immediately change its priorities and replot your route as it now believes you WANT to be on toll roads.. not just the one your are on but all of them.
Further, if your starting point is on a toll road you cannot set it to NO toll roads.

On the flip side, using a Garmin, if the same scenario happens it will get you back off the toll road as soon as is practicable

This peculiarity of the TT firmware has been mentioned before and indeed mantioned to the company by quite a few people apparently.. When I called the help desk ( nice people by the way when you do eventually get to speak to someone ) I was told that yes, they did know about the issue and it was to be addressed in the next formware update.. Well that was at least 8 updates ago and still the problem exists !
Life, begins at errrrr.... well the age you join Funsters I 'spose !
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