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Middle lane again

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Default Middle lane again

How about this one, going down m6, the hard shoulder opens, hardly anyone goes into it , are they all guilty of being in middle lane, also the odd ones that do go in immediately undertake you, are they breaking the law?
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Default ?

are u for real? how long u been driving
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60 years, go on then tell us
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Originally Posted by Shuggy68 View Post
are u for real? how long u been driving
"Yes".............. there are many motorways that open up the hard shoulder to traffic at peak times... usually light on a gantry telling people so..

And under taking is illegal...
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Ah, but very frequently, the opening of the hard shoulder lane is due to traffic density (that was the idea of them) and is normally accompanied by "traffic congestion, stay in lane".

If you are in several lanes of traffic, all moving at approximately the same speed then any "undertaking" is permitted - check highway code section 6 para 268 which deals specifically with this.

Common sense prevails when changing lanes in these circumstances, if it is safe to do so then the hard shoulder lane should be used by those able to move over into it.

So, yes Shuggy - he is for real; as a professional HGV driver you would be aware of this and so I hope you were being ironic
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Dux Deluxe
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I always use the hard shoulder part when open in our area. The surface is new and a better ride..

I don't let it stress me out anymore.
Have to admit I used to be a young dash everywhere van driver, then an "up your a**" trucker, 3rd lane company car speeder !

But now i'm a chill out Grandad who aint in a rush....
Unless I am going to miss my ferry, then it all comes rushing back..
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We did the M1 the other day and the section between Milton keynes and M25 turn has now been completed with hard shoulder use. Some sections are always open like those round the service area at Toddington and a couple of junctions. I was quick to use these where i could but some drivers made a point of staying out in what was lane one and gave us some hand gestures as if you were in the wrong. Trouble with most drivers they don't look far enough ahead to see that all important gantry sign or that big queue of traffic in the centre lane and that free lane one, I can do 70 without anyone infront and pass all those middle lane bozo's without over taking as long I do not cut back out in in front of them, I am just driving at a faster speed that suites my lane.
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There is no specific offence for passing on the near side (undertaking) however one would be open to prosecution for driving without due care if a Police officer considered that your manoeuvre was inappropriate.
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