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Automatic gears in a Toad?

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Default Automatic gears in a Toad?

I am not sure if this is in the right section of the forum, if not sorry! On Monday I take possession of my new to me Autotrail.....and lucky me it is an automatic which suits as I have a messed up left knee, which although I can use it to drive, it gets a tad painful at times. My question is, and not wanting to get into the A frame v trailer debate, is it possible in these days of advanced techiness to use an automatic vehicle as a toad? I know it used not to be possible to tow such a vehicle in the dim and distant, but have things changed?
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As far as I'm aware you should not tow an automatic vehicle, but it should be alright to use an auto vehcle to tow another one with.

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Some of the semi auto ( manual box shifted electronically)

Can be towed in neutral some of the smart cars and fiat pandas

But make sure before purchase

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I have an automatic motorhome and an automatic car. Both handbooks say if towing, do not exceed a maximum milage and speed: from memory, it's about 50 miles and 30 mph I think - not going out to look tonight. If needing to do more, they say uncouple the driveshafts or put it on a flatbed trailer.
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Its fair to say all autos can be towed using the 30/50 mile max distance @30mph rules
But that is of no use as a toad
as suggested by Toffo there are a few out there that can do the job
Semi autos that use electronics are really manual gearboxes with solenoids doing the clutch work so should be ok to tow as alway do your homework first not last as a few do and
If brand new check out warranty implication of
A. Fitting any frames
B. Towing
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Some Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee/Commanders can be towed with no issues at all.

If I remember correctly it depends if they have the quadra-trak gearboxes...

We towed a Jeep commander for many many miles and I can guarantee that this was okay because there was even a page in the manual telling you how to tow it behind a motorhome...

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some manuals cant be towed always check with the manufacturers
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Originally Posted by mitzimad View Post
some manuals cant be towed always check with the manufacturers
that's a new one on me !

unless you mean some full time 4 x 4's

do you have a reason why ?
I'm trying to see it from your point of view
but i cant get my head that far up my ass

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