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  1. Well here we go,,
    Over the last ?? years I've done many many engine conversions from petrol to diesel on nearly all my motorhomes, including Bedford, Ford Transit, Fiat, Talbot & Leyland etc.
    Why ????? Because I'm not a lover of petrol engines, I love the purrrrrrr of a diesel:BigGrin:
    So here I am again converting my lastest, 1992 Talbot Express, Compass Drifter 405.
    Tonight after a few days hard work I gave the keys to the wife to start her up for the first time,,,oh what a sound,,,sweet even with no exhaust or air intake on her:man_in_love:
    The wifey also informed me that enough is enough and that was to be my last:cry: (but we'll see) She thinks I'm getting too old :Eeek: It used to take me 2 days but this one took me 5.
    So my conversion days are over, no more engines or body swapovers, done 2 of them 1 Freight Rover, Horizon & 1 Bedford Midi, Sportsman.
    Arr the good old days.

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