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  1. Day 4

    Woke up to the sun :) Back on the road towards Fussen for the trip through the Fernpasse & the Brenner Pass. This was the most beautiful part of the entire journey(y) Stunning scenery everywhere, from rolling grassy hills to rocky mountain tops & castles. We stopped for lunch at a lakeside cafe beside the lake at Fernstein. Superb (y). From there it was onwards through Innsbruck and up the Brenner Pass into Italy. After another mammoth drive we arrived at out next overnight stop at Camping Gamp, Chisusa. Pitch was fine, but location and noise all night :mad:. The site is located right beneath the A22 and beside a very busy railway line which they seem to work on all night long. Not recommended for a nights rest from driving all day (n)

    Day 5

    Onwards to Caorle on the Adriatric coast for out main 7 nights stay at the San Francesco Site. We took advice from the forum members and travelled on out first toll motorway and yes they are cheap (y)
    On arrival we seem to be in the middle of what my son described as "The Ghetto" :(.

    More to follow soon......
  2. Well what an experience that was :(

    Day 1:

    6 1/2 drive to Dover for the ferry. Arrived early so tried to get an earlier boat but was told to pay an extra £60.00. About turn & out for a couple of hours rest before returning to get the 6.30am ferry to Calais.

    From Calais we travelled through Belgium (Never again as their roads & motorways are the worst I've ever experienced, not good for the Motorhome or the passengers :() and onto Luxembourg. Surprisingly my SATNAV didn't think Luxembourg existed so it was onto my mobile and google nav to get us to out first destination another 6 hour drive :(.

    Camping Krounebierg was a nice site with Restaurant, indoor leisure facilities & nice views over the surrounding countryside. The pitch we were allocated was tiny for our 8.5m Motorohome and I just about squeezed in. Couldn't be bothered complaining as we were only there for 1 night. After the usual few beers & something to eat we all had a pleasant nights sleep :).

    Diesel on 1.02 euros a litre (y)

    Day 2

    Onwards to Tettnang in southern Germany, another 7 hour journey :(. Raining nearly all the way, thinking why had we bothered to go from one rainy country to another :mad:.

    Our destination was Gutshof Badhütten, a very nice site with large pitches, all flat and a superb Pizzeria & lovely pool. We were here for 2 nights, first night was rainy, god how I hate that bloody noise on the roof :mad:.

    Day 3

    Sunny in the morning and off on our bikes we went :). What superb countryside and how friendly the Germans are. Very polite & very helpful when we got lost numerous times through the woods. Tettnang is a superb small town with great restaurants, shops & atmosphere. Highly recommended.
    Later back at the site we got our table & chairs out and cooked up a super dinner under the stars (y). A quieter nights sleep was had by all.

    I'll continue with day 4 tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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  3. All packed up and ready to go :) 16 day lightning tour of Europe taking in 6 countries ;)

    Our furthest destination on this trip is the Adriatic Coast of Italy not too far from Venice (y). We will be travelling via Dover-Calais through Belgium to Luxembourg for our first night. Then on through Germany to Lake Constance for a 2 night stay. On through Austria to the northern Italian Alps for a nights stopover before travelling on down to Caorle for a 7 night stay. We haven't quite decided where we'll go or what route we'll take on the way home, see what the weather is like and try & follow the sun :cool:

    Depending on Wi-Fi I'll try & keep the blog updated with info & photo's (y)

    Cheers, Antony
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