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  1. The last few days of our trip was spent in Holland.

    Now its time to plan for trip number 9, to where ???
  2. We spent 3 busy days exploring Amsterdam.
  3. We have nearly completed our circle and are back in the Netherlands.
  4. A few days spent in Belgium.
  5. These are our last days in France before we head into Belgium.
  6. After 3 days in Paris we deserved a rest day before out visit to Versailles.
  7. Three busy days in Paris.
  8. While exploring France we visited the castle at Pierrefonds and the chateau at Chantilly. Both places were well worth the visit.
  9. We have been a bit lax. I have posted a few posts on our site and have forgotten to put then on the forum. Below are the posts from our travels from Holland into Germany, onto Luxembourg and now into France.
  10. Our motorhome the Bunyip is now ready for our 2016 Europe Trip.
    Below is the latest blog. P1050091.JPG
  11. It's been 7 months since we have posted a blog. See what our plans are and what we have been up to.
  12. Our trip has ended and this is our last post for 2015. Hope to be back next year to continue our travels.
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  13. We have had our 2015 trip cut short due to Jenny's mother passing away. This will not be the last blog post as I will make a happier post with highlights of our trip.
  14. Our second week in France and we have been visiting some historical sites right back to the prehistoric times.
  15. We continue our journey north and are now back in France.