Take heed. We have just had a hefty fine of over €100 for parking the wrong way round in a two way street. :Angry: The police agreed there are no written warnings or signs but stated that it was up to the driver to look up the traffic by-laws of the country they visit. Have not seen it mentioned on the site and had no warning from any tourist offices we visited. Would be interesting to know if anyone else has had the same problem. Out of interest we spent Midsummer weekend on a wonderful campsite in Uskavi (close to Nora and Örebro.) www.uskavi.se:thumb:
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  1. A. This is our first trip in the new Coachman Concorde. Would really appreciate any useful advice from any body who has done a similar trip.
    B. Feel a bit daunted by the length of the R.V (31ft) so need to buy some guide books and maps for our journey that will give suggestions or warnings of narrow roads and low bridges! We have a tom tom but that has already got us into trouble (on our very first drive to bring the R.V home after purchasing it)
    C. We also want to cross the ferry from Epsberg to Harwich. We have a long tail end (or overhang) which could apparantly be a problem on some ferries. Any large R.V owners had any problems on this route? And finally.........
    D. Could any other Coachman owners advise me on which bicycle rack (2 bikes) to get? We think it easier to attach it on the tow bar.
    Well thats it for now. Look forward to meeting some of you on the road:thumb:
  2. Took the plunge and got ourselves a beautiful Ford concorde coachmen 300ts. Not exactly what we had planned for our first motorhome but as my Mum always said "always go for the best".
    I love this site. There seems to be lots of great people and great advice on every aspect of motorhoming. Just ordered a spare part from Duncan at Star Spangled Spanner, who was recommended on one of the blog pages. He phoned me back in Spain twice within two hours and said he can send me the part tomorrow. Wow. Thanks Duncan. My faith in mankind is restored.
    Our first big trip will be in April. We are going from Southern Spain to be in Sweden for midsummer. (my sister lives near Oslo). Any info or advice on this trip would be warmly welcomed. Hope to be meeting lots of you in the future