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  1. I have posted a few updates to our blog since Christmas for those that are interested.

    Link to our blog
  2. It seems to me, that many folk seek advice with regard to "full timing", maybe it is a dream they have or maybe it just out of interest. I don't think advice is what is required because everyone's circumstances differ so much. What is needed, is the correct mind set, attitude, or outlook, call it what you will. In my experience, much about "full timing" is not so different from any other way of life, there are still problems that need to be overcome, bills that have to be paid, health issues etc. It should not be viewed as one long holiday, more an alternative life style. For me the answer has been to adopt an attitude of working to create a life rather than a living. Yes, we have had problems which include having a window shot while we were sleeping, mechanical issues and family illness but we work hard at our lifestyle, get the mind set right and you are half way there.
    Link to my blog about our life "fulltiming"
  3. Hi, I already have a blog about our life "Fulltiming" in the UK with google and I don't want to write it all out twice so here is a link to my blog.
    The Vagabond Trail