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  1. Hi to all, myself and my wife are new to the motorhome scene and looking to buy our first very soon. To be honest it is a long time overdue, we have been planning to get away from the constraints of normal 9-5 mundane life for some time but due to family commitments and help needed here and there we are still here four years on. We had been toying with the idea of buying a property abroad, you know the usual places Spain, France, Portugal and even Egypt but found out is was soon going to be expensive to visit (especially the amount of time we want to be away).
    We both work full time at the moment so we decided that a motorhome was the way forward. Today we decided to view a few different RV's and we are starting with a 1997 Georgie boy cruisemaster on Wednesday.
    Jackie is driving me up the wall as she is going to have to drive it until i have completed my Class C course, and we have two or three small trips planned before i can get on a course so she isnt pleased :(

    Well thats it for today starting to get excited now as this is going to be the start of something ive wanted for a while.

    Will update with pics and thoughts if and when we make that huge leap into motorhome ownership.

    Peace out

    Barry and Jackie