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  1. Well I never realised it had been so long since I made an entry on my blog!

    We did go to Manston again this year and had a great time even though the wind was blowing a gale and there was torrential rain :BigGrin:

    We did make one mistake on a day when it was dry and that was to open the awning. Crikes as we were checking it the wind caught it and broke one of the support arms! Damn it must remember not to play around with the awning in bad weather.

    Got a new one and now all in working order again.

    The trailer came into its own of the Christmas period when our boiler indoors decided to pack up and we had no central heating or hot water.

    Neighbours could see us disappearing round the side and into the trailer with bath towel in hand as we used the hot water in the trailer for a shower - must have looked funny considering we had 20" of snow on the ground. :Rofl1:

    Now the snow has cleared and Christmas has departed we have already booked up our Easter break at Parc Verger and are looking forward to a peaceful and fun break with Bob & Di again.

    Oh for more time to do more travelling!
  2. We were due to arrive on the Thursday night after Mick finished work - I had already taken the day off to get everything loaded up and ready to rock and roll.

    I phoned Manston before we left to find out what pitch we would be having (we would arrive after they had finished for the day). No problem this time of the year we were given the choice of several pitches.

    We arrived safely and there were no problems with the journey - she towed beautifully and we cruised along quite happily at about 60 mpg.

    Arriving at the site we chose a pitch that was well away from any other campers as we were 'test driving' the 5er. Point to remember in future - don't park quite so far away from water tap! We just about managed to stretch the two hoses but if it had been a busy summer site then there's no doubt we wouldn't have managed it.

    Another point to remember is that it's not so easy to empty the waste as a cassette loo - so when in doubt of having anywhere to empty the waste then don't use it, use the site facilities instead....

    Katie loved it until she locked herself in the bathroom! There has to be an easier way of opening the door from the outside... Must check that out.

    The interior worked brilliantly except we found that the twin sink is better if you use a wooden chopping board to cover one of them as it gives you more working areas when you are cooking.

    The awning was great, but must remember to park wherever possible on the side of the site where you are not in the shade.

    I have to admit we did cause a bit of a stir and even the site manager & manageress came to have a better look. They were brilliant and we will return again. They did recommend that when we left we went out the entry one way section as the exit had rather a tight bend and we probably would not have got the 5er round it.

    Must add that the fish & chips cooked freshly for us on the site in the little take away was lovely and very cheap.

    Next stop will be France at Easter for a week - mind you it will be via the ferry and not Eurostar (which we used with the motorhome) as Eurostar certainly don't welcome 5er and their price seems crazy.
  3. Here are a few pics from our weekend away.


    My daughter arrives with two of the grandchildren.

    Katie loved it until she locked herself in the toilet!

    Stefan just plain loved it.


    I just love it.


    Hitched up and ready to go.

    It was a great experience and one I am ready to repeat as soon as I can get more time off work!
  4. :Eek!:

    Well nearly at the point of no return...

    I'm nervous; excited; anxious yet can't wait.

    I've created so many lists that I'm bound to forget something. This being our first big trip it is the 'not knowing' that creates the nervousness. I know that after the first couple of days I will have settled into it all and wonder what I was so worried about.

    My lappie is going with me so if I managed to connect to the internet then I'll update my blog with how our first big trip is going.

    I've been loading the van with all sorts of tins and packets much to my husband's amusement. "France does have shops you know" he says. But I just want to make sure that we've got enough to last a few days to start us off. Then all I've got to do is hope that the gas doesn't run out - all we've got in the van is a European gas bottle and our intention is to buy another one while we are in France as that is where we intend to spend most of our time travelling.

    Now I wonder what clothes I need to take.... :Rofl1::Rofl1::Rofl1:
  5. Well taken the plunge and booked Eurotunnel to get us away to France for Easter week.

    This is going to be our first big trip in our new/old van and I'm naturally a bit nervous. Still it's about time we got on the move and my OH will have recovered from his op by then and I'll probably be in need of the rest :Rofl1:

    Just a bit concerned that the old motor will make it there and back.... Will carry on reading all posts and try to take in all the tips and will try to decide a rough route to take (thank God for Google Earth).

    More later...:thumb: