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  1. This will be last entry of this blog.
    We have never been away for so long but it didnt seem that long until we started to head back home. But we survived the 5 weeks. As regards the sites we stayed on most were quite good and two were very good. Vitznau in Switzerland and Claire Vacances in Alsace.
    We did brave a new departure of an Aire although we looked at one and felt it was too close to a main road ,the next one was a drive through not very nice at all. The third one was very well kept and quiet despite the large number of lorry's. So maybe we will try more in years to come. Next year its a family event with us in Nell and the rest of the family in tents, lets hope its as good as the previous one.
    Bye for this time.
  2. Left Aux Carpes and its frogs(creatures) arrived at Chateau Ganspette via Carrefoure for a couple of days before the ferry. Have been here before. Its a quiet site with lot of one nighters. Will go and see the V1 and V2 rocket site which is close by. Then to Carrefoure again for last minute bits and pieces. Tomorrow to Calais then to CC site in Denham . I will summarise when I get back home.
  3. Internet conections have not been good hence the lack of entries. We left Switzerland and headed to Clairevacance, Ste Croix en Plain close to Colmar. This is a very good site. well sized pitches.Toilets etc immaculate. If your near them have a look in. We have now moved to Aux Carpes a few miles from St Quentin for couple of nights. And surpise surprise we sample an Aire. Aire du Champ Rolland on the A26.
    Very quiet only one other motorhome there but used by lorrys who were very quiet!!!!!!.
    Next we head to Granspette just short 20 miles to Calais. Got a Carrefore close by. Said to be the cheapest fuel in France about a mile away. Then home via Denham with its very good Thai restaurant.
    Just been reminded of an excellent of Spag bol my wife produced in the Aire last night.
  4. Since my last communication we have to the other end of Switzerland a place called Vitznau. Up the side of a mountain of Rigi. Terraced pitches with veiws over lake Lucerne. Boat trips around the lake and to Lucerne. There were a couple thunderstorms the first night but after that wall to wall sun. Lucerne is a ver diverse city which now multicultural Not that its cheap but if you shop around you can get the bargains but didnt buy petrol. We had wonderful few days in a beautiful place.
    Next stop is just outside Colmar. Campsite called Claire Vacanes near Colmar. Very nice site quite close to Colmar. Cycling country at last along with Alsace wine. Guess what we found a very nice Rose wine for dinner tonight. Now here for 5 nights to have a look round.
  5. Went to Lausanne and cooked. Didn't know that it was hilly. Very hot again with a thunderstorm threatened. Possibility of a sleepless night either too hot or noisy.
  6. We are at the TCS site in Morges between Geneva and Lausanne. Very peaceful nights sleep indeed. Went to Geneva on tuesday (21st) saw some of the sites and went on a little train along the lake Leman with English commentry. It did rain a little but we avoided the heavy downpour by being in a Chinese restuarent. Went by train but a bit dear. 2nd class is like our first class. Off to the local market today and Lausanne tomorrow.
  7. Left La du Liez sunday after a somewhat disturbed night but then its weekend. Drove to Morges in Switzerland for a few days. Hope to get to Geneva and Lausanne on the train. I was not sure what Camilla(satnav) was up to she got us to Morges but by a curious route through roads that were up and down at a detour we met two roadrollers. I think she went by the name Morges and not GPS.
    Lovely site here at TCS Morges. Very quiet at night, close to a shopping area and supermarkets. Off this morning to stock up on provisions. Beer, wine etc. All the essentials of course. If any wants the price of beer (Leffe) on our trip please ask but will say rather a lot of beer and wine will be rescued from various supermarkets on the way back.
    More in 6 days time.
    Mike (
  8. First night at Vivier aux carp Seraure le Grand near St Quentin. Reasonable site but some very noisy frogs.
    Cycle into St Quentin along the canal flat but quite tiring. Worth a short stop even though its a little way off the main route south. Weather very hot.
    Next stop was La Brabois just outside Nancy. Conveniant for Nancy cemtre as bus stop is just outside the site entrance Some nice resturants but Charles Third we found the best.As for the site only use as a one night stop. Water in the showers variable and internet terrible. Weather very wet.
    Now at Lac de Liez Langres. Very quiet at the moment but it may get more livelier from Friday. Next stop is Morges in Switzerland on sunday.
    Mike, Mary ,Nell, Chamilla.
  9. Only three days before we leave for a longer trip than we have done before. As far as I know Nell is fit and well and should carry us for the trip.
    First stop Canterbury for a couple of nights then on to the ferry. I'd forgotten about the previous blog:D
  10. We have now put together a brief resume of the sites we stayed at but where do I post them.
    Mike on behalf of Nell.
  11. Arrived home safely after 2220 miles:Cool:
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  12. Hi, just a quick note Mike has decided to use Camilla to see if she picks a route different to the one he does. The battle lines are drawn.
    Nel :Rofl1:
  13. Nel is very sad today as this the last night of the trip here at Wyatts Covert. Tomorrow we head for home. Mike and Mary are having a Thai meal which means I will get some sleep if Camilla does not snore. She's a bit niggles as Mike doesn't need her as he done the route many times. I will do possibly one more entry so this is almost goodbye.

  14. Hi everybody Nel again. Mike and Mary are a little tired after yesterday. Today is the last drive before the short trip to Calais.A visit to Carrefore is planned before the overnight stop at Grandspette then a short run for the eleven am boat. One night at The Blackhorse Folkeztone then Wyatts Covert and home on the 4th July.32days in all
  15. Well I had Good long sleep as Mike and Mary went to Laon by train . OK But for the 295 steps up to the cathedral. Wow much better than Reims. They returned very tired but a bottle of Muscadet soon revived them. Tomorrow we go to the last stop before Calais . Very sad but other places to look forward too.

    Mel :Wink: