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  1. 3-12-11
    Booked the ferry with DFDS Dover Dunkirk today for 02-00hrs on 28-12-11. Under 8 metres long and the price was £45 one way. Have been preparing the bus over the last few weeks and its almost ready for the trip. Am just waiting for the custom aluminium back box to be finished and that's about it. Have 2 X 75 watt BP solar panels and a Maplin wind charger fitted charging 3 X 110 amp batteries, as we are planning to spend as little time as possible on campsites. Have fitted an extra 75ltr fuel tank so as to take advantage of cheaper fuel when available and have spare filters and belts,just in case. We have ADAC breakdown and health cover topped up with Saga breakdown cover. Am not taking my electric bike as am of the belief it could be a security issue and besides we will be touring most of the time so shopping can be done on the run. Am trying to trim down the vans weight as much as possible, only taking necessities as we all know we carry far to much junk around with us.