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  1. It has been a few good months since I took the time to do a blog.

    Now at the end of the motor home season .. what a bad year it has been.. so wet and miserable. Even France was not a lot better.

    My disability and Sue's hip have got worse over the year so we have decided to sell the Winnebago and get a toy hauler which is similar to what we have, but has a tail lift and would allow me to store the scooters or the power chair inside... no trailer needed then.

    We went to Malvern.. again bad weather.. lost a brake calliper on the way and that took half the weekend to get fixed. But at 36 hours and 2 minutes from the recovery truck collecting the RV we had the calliper replaced and new brakes fitted and it was back on the drive.. so we headed out again to Malvern.. latest ever I have arrived at a show.. Saturday p.m. Which I had not bothered.

    Field was as far if not further away ... seems the success of MHF has cost us in that we are put as far away as possible from the event. We in the future will have to book disabled parking as we find the distances to far even for the power scooters. Also it was a shame so many of the MHF members with RV;s had deserted us and gone to camp with another club. Did we say something wrong? Is it the wrong aftershave? But a shame so many had jumped ship. Still it meant we meet some newer members of MHF with europeans (honest I have no problems with Europeans.. even although I give them stick on the forums).

    At the moment I am being plagued with idiots and time wasters ... the RV is on a number of different mediums for sale... I started off at £27,500 and we are now at £19,999

    I have of course removed a mass of gear that was included in the various higher prices I have had it up for. The lower you get the worse the time wasters become.

    Lots of appointments and no shows and yes silly offers no one would take. I am not in a forced sale situation... we have today winterised the RV.. and put it to bed until next spring when we will try and sell it again.. but the £19,999 has now gone out of the window.. back to a sensible £22,500 without the goodies. The goodies are up for sale separately ..did not realsie just how much we had.. Having to unload the RV has been real hard work as we have now done it twice. First time was when we had sold it for £24,200 with the goodies.. took a no refundable £500 deposit.. A case of Lemonade money Champaign taste.. that sale fell through. So we have just unloaded it for the second time. And the last I might add. If someone buys the goodies they can load them up themselves.

    Ezzie is well, and now 6 1/2 years old.. has the odd eye issues and is not walking as far any more.

    Me? getting old, but are we not all in that boat. Spending a lot of time at hospitals for tests (tummy issues) .. SWMBO or Sue is having a lot of issues with the hip and they will not operate ... more weight has to be loss.. so next year maybe.

    Next year we are doing some different things.. we have a trip booked to South Africa .. back to Cape Town again... plus a small cruise to Norway and also a road trip next March in Arizona in the USA.. just need to be fit for them all.

    I still post as often as always on MHF.. noticed I had clocked up 6,000 post so far...what do I find to say? I stopped posting on RVOC as I felt it was not for me. I prefer the banter with the European owners.

    Oh well another year nearly past.

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  2. Well, I have this expensive rat trap from B&Q .. £20.. baited so it would get caught so we could release it in the wilds.. read make a present of it to someone else! .. three days on and no rat in the box... I saw him go round it.. sniff and off it went in to the bushes..

    Overnight the fox decided to play with it.. heavy item, but he or she still managed to drag it half way up the garden.. baited yet again.. nothing all day yesterday.. RAT must have stayed in as it was a very miserable bank holiday monday - rained all day in Tunbridge Wells. Overnight the Fox again played with it.. I suspect the fox wants the kit kat.. anyway it is baited again and back in place and it is who knows.

    We had a very quite easter.. I hate the roads over easter and the fuel costs do not make it attractive to go anywhere, although I do go to my daughters on Sunday managed to top the car file off at 141.9 .. passed a few garages still with no fuel. Yesterday with the rain stayed in a celebrated Ezzie's 6th Birthday... boy time flies since she was a baby bear to the full grown 80 kgs she is today.. who as I write this blog is on the settee as usual snoring her head off.

  3. Lived here for over 20 years and never seen a rat until today... we have had urban foxes at the rear of the garden under next doors shed, but seem to play in our garden.. but today we saw a rat.

    As I have been know to say at meetings.. I may not be able to describe a rat, but sure know one when I see one.... anyway off to B&Q and £20 light we come back with a large metal rat trap.... the sort that catches them so you can let them go in the wilds... Cannot use poison as we have a cat and Ezzie .. will not use the house type as they do not always kill outright.

    Anyway way it is set and half of my kit hat has now been donated to the rat trap...
  4. Having taken a year out of writing any blog, today I looked back and see that a lot of people looked at them.. well thanks.. It is often a case of just putting thoughts down on a bit of paper, but the paper is this page. So often no real thoughts given to subject matter.

    Today I sat and thought about the postage costs due at the end of the month. I use a fair bit of postage. Have tried to keep it to 2nd class since the last lot of increases. But with a massive 14p going on a stamp I decided to let the queen see some daylight and opened the wallet to buy 10 books of stamps of 12.. I save a fair few pounds doing that. Certainly would not earn interest on the money in the bank.

    We all like to make savings. A while ago I dumped all my euros and go a fair rate for them from the travel agent I always use. I am about to buy more or load the good old Caxton FX card up again... anything to stop more profit going to the banks in the charges they make when I use my debt card or credit card in europe. So as you can see today is what can I save.. postage, and bank charges on the euro's...

    Fuel.. oh yes, hot topic at the moment. I keep my RV tank full.. that is a lot of money nearly £500 to fill it. But I also made a saving on that as I purchased it when it was around £1.299 and today it is 1.499 .. we are talking petrol here. It seems diesel is around 5p more a ltr... I have to ask how long we can continue like this.

    Food is costing more ... sorry Ezzie you can diet to....

    Ezzie, as those that have read my blogs is always featured. she is 6 years old next week.. and like me has winter fat to get rid off.. so she is getting 4 dog biscuits a day less.. you think a dog cannot count!!!!! she knows... Ezzie may be a big cuddle St Bernard.. but in that big head she has a brain and is not stupid..

    But back to food costs... high fuel charges has a knock on.. food costs more, items I buy on ebay will cost more in postage from the end of the month. just about everything we buy is costing more.. including the pitch charges at shows.. still trying to work out that one! So how have the Sloberdober family deal with it? Simples as the advert says.. we have cut out a few shows. So who loses? Warners for a start as well as the other promotors. That way I save on my booking fee, the fuel I would use and the money I would spend with the traders. .. this is the start of the slippery slope... I used to do toy fairs as a trader for many years.. less public, less traders, then no show... I can see this happening in our hobby. Stratford on Avon last year trader wise was a waste of time... ok social side was good.. but as a show, waste of time. We will see what happens this year.

    I have also made out first run into France in June ...stay in the North and use the car (we pull a 20' car trailer) for days out. The September trip will replace two shows.. Shepton and Lincoln.. saving the booking fee, and the fuel .. that goes towards the run into France and South where with luck it will be warmer.. boy can the wind blow at Lincoln. (and rain)

    Anyway I am on a saving bent at the moment...

    Until the next blog.. be careful out there.

  5. I wondered how long before someone spotted that the last blog was a year back when I missed January... well I thought why not miss a whole year. What has happened in that year? not a lot... except I am poorer than I was before thanks to the present bums on seats in the commons. But I do not do politics.. so did I have a good year... thanks for asking. No, not really. I took the Winnebago Aspect to France again and some of the shows and emptied my wallet a few times for more of the same junk.

    I did invest in a 4 wheel car carrier Brian James.. so now I can take the car to shows (disabled scooters in the back of the car) that way I can go off site and buy the bread and milk cheaper.. well could have if the fuel was not as expensive as it is now.....£ 1.40 per litre .. it is a joke.

    So why did I buy a trailer.. well the little red one I have (still for sale) was a pig to reverse. Plus I wanted to escape the sites sometimes... so the trailer was purchased off a fellow motor home member. I used it most of the summer and it is ready to roll in a few weeks time when we do peterborough... The only thing with a trailer is we are now 45' long.. oh great fun for the show marshals, but Bob & Jane and others have managed to get it sorted.

    Ezzie is still herself.. 6 years old next week.

    I have been trying to learn how to play a Ukulele as a lot of members know.. still not getting very far... plus I have now a lap steel guitar to make even more noise with.. I say sorry now to all those that suffered the sing practice at places like Malvern last year.

    we have a good karaoke unit now and 2,000 songs so we may inflict it on you this season... plenty of country, 60's 70's and some later stuff from people I do not know who they are!!!! modern stuff is so boring.

    What else.. well we may be putting the Winnebago p for sale at the end of the season.. mobility getting harder as I get older... may go over to a fiver unit.. or looking for a 28' A class.. but it is all in the air at the moment. So there may be a bargain to be had late September.

    Sue is still working two days a week in the NHS.. just, think she will not be there by the end of the year with all the cuts.. so who knows we may get to Spain next year for the two months like JIM...

    The RV is now commissioned for this year .. just the food to be loaded next... will it be another year until the next blog? who knows.

  6. So to be controversial ....

    What has hot me hot under the collar to day? It is Funsters that use the initials IMHO .. It is never humble.. It is opinionated and they are trying to control a post.

    Everyone has a view..right or wrong.. But they are entitled to the point of view they are posting about. I get cross when I see someone beating down a point of view by using the IMHO... Statement.

    Sometimes motor home fun is not so much fun as we would hope.

    February finds me disappointed with the Forum. I find I post less and less and hang out over on the RVOC .. All yank owners there.. We tend to deal with more pressing issues relating to our RV's ... Rather than rub the nose of a members in the dirt because he has an opinion right or wrong.

    Disappointed :cry:
  7. As i sit here on a cold, wet miserable afternoon in Tunbridge Wells, that being the Royal Tunbridge Wells, typing this one fingered on my IPAD..(forgive the typos)... on January the 4th... Waitin for call from SHMBO aka Sue to goup to London to collect her from the hospital after some heart test (has she got one!) .. Good job she does not read my posts or blog...

    I face two hours best way to get to St Thomas's hospital and another two hours back.. Oh great fun.... But so why did i decide to add to my blog today.. Why not yesterday or any day for that matter in the past two months.. Was it that i went quite because of some of the moans i got? Or was it i had nothing to say? You that know me, would never believe that!

    Boredom? Being not happy with the four hours of driving? No...... It was because i wanted to vent my frustration of no post.... I am fed up sitting here on this extended christmas break while my post has gone walk about.

    Now, every day i get post..ok most of it bills, but note even those arriving. No bank statements, no credit card statements... But worse is my parcels of model z gauge trains are floating about in post office land.... I buy model trains from the USA... Every month... Same happened last year, parcels posted early December are still outstanding... Normally 6 to 10 days.. But as soon as the Bah Humbug season arrives my parcels take an extended holiday.. Mind you first class recorded deliver parcel posted on the 29th with parts for the RV .. Still not here. Hey guys it is the 4th to day .. No post at 4.30 ... i have outstanding ebay items, paid for and dispatched.. The list ges on and on..

    So why is it that UK Plc.. Has to shut up shop for so long? ... So :Angry::Angry: am i it forced me do a blog...

    I hate Christmas.
  8. So I said I would spill the beans.

    Many many years ago I was scrapping with my brother in law. We used to use a J2 truck.. At this time I used to do a bit of buying and selling cars. I had a set of trade plates.

    One day we were collecting scrap in not the nicest place in a town in the South East.. I was driving the J2 and had only so far that day managed to pick up an old fridge.

    A jam sandwich (police car with red strip on the side) pulled in front of me and I stopped.. he wanted to know what I had trade plates on for?

    What else? I did not have road tax..idiot...

    Anyway I get stuck on for illegal use of trade plates.. now in those days that was serious bread as a fine. So I employed a solicitor and barrister .. see why I became a lawyer in later life:Blush:

    Anyway we end up in court and my barrister says I was a breakdown truck as I had a compressor on the back... the copper says it was a fridge.. yes it was a fridge but the fridge had a compressor in it.

    The barrister found an old case of a bread company running that defence and yes I got off.

    Asked for costs.. but the magistrate refused as he thought I had got away on the technical part of the law.

    So as a scrap merchant in those days I can say I worked very hard and in the most I was honest.. well some times.

    that is only one chapter of my life....

    now has that made anyone fall a sleep this time I wonder?
  9. A change of direction for a change. Not the law or something to make you doze off at night. Well it may do for all I know. As those with a yank or an RV will know I post on the sister site - not as much as I do here, but we do mainly seem to cover a lot of how do you do that or what is wrong with mine.. that sort of thing.

    The other day I was dealing with the 'macicator' as I call it.. the thing that crunches up the waste in the black holding tank and makes it in to wet waste.. then it is pumped out using a 60' hose. So hence it does run up hill..well it does now with the power of the flow jet unit I have purchased.

    I do always sit and amire those Eurobox owners that lug there toliet units to the dump points.... very smug us yank owners as we can store it in the holding tanks for about 5 days before we have to dump it... long enough for a weekend show. But I got fed up dumping it in to a tote unit... read waste disposal unit on wheels sealed to the outside enviroment... well until I have to tip in down the sewerage point in the back garden.. bloody long pull when it is full and very heavy.

    So I purchased a macicator (remember as I call it).. this now is attached to the 3" outlet and grinds away when I connect it to the 40amp 12v power take off... within 5 minutes it has disposed of a full 26 gallon tank.. it fires along the hose (up hill) and in to the sewer.

    So s**t does run up hill as far as I am concerned .. all 60' of it.

    Now does that make some of you doze off I wonder? well if it does you have no sense of adventure. And yes I still hate toads and A frames.:shout:
  10. Well as I was being insulted yesterday by a fellow motor home owner that my blogs make him fall a sleep and thought I would give him another blog to doze off with.. funny although those that moan never seem to bother to have a go themselves at writing a blog.

    While I am in a moaning mood.. it is to early this morning and I am cold as well... I read a post about someone being fined £50 for parking in the road with his scooter to save a parking bay for a car.. what a a silly idea.. who in there right mind parks on a yellow line so a car can have the empty parking bay. He deserves the £50 fine I say.

    I know motor home owners are some strange people, I know I have meet a few of them on these pages.. some very nice people and some I would not want to meet on a dark night.

    Anway some wit decides to dispense free legal advice... now being a qualified lawyer I take exception to those that prattle on with advice when it is worthless and in fact can be down right misleading.

    This motor home person suggests the chap that got the £50 fine writes in and says his scooter was moved out of the bay.. OK I ask what if there was a CCTV? wonderful now our members tell people to pervert the course of justice. Why not just tell them to go out and rape and murder people as well.

    I seriously wonder somedays why I bother to be part of this forum when I hear that sort of advice being given out. It is the same issue over the toads.. one day they will learn.. wait for the new rules in 2014 that are on the way..Boy are some of these owners in for a suprise. It is coming.. it is already in the pipeline, just a matter fo time and then all the money spent on them will be wasted you will not be able to give them away. But those people beleive anything they are told by salesmen and others on this site that think they are lawyers but do not seem to have done the time to get the qualification. Took me many years to get an LL.b with (Hons) so I get a little fed up hearing the barrack room lawyers spouting rubbish day after day.

    Hope that kept someone awke .. but if not then think of the blog as a free sleeping tablet.. I do not mind one way of the other.:cry:
  11. Ok so it is the 10th day of the 10th Month in the 10th year of this century. i.e 10:10:10.. so how did I know? well I was filling in the on line warrenty for the new fridge... Oh this fridge.. Has been the subject of a post and now it gets better so it is worthy of a blog in my opinion.

    The just less than a year old Zanussi fridge door gives problems.. so we call Currys and they send out a man that knows how to fix it! well he says it needs a new door and he will order it. Two appointments and a few weeks later still no door. We then contact Zanussi that says..sorry no doors in the United Kingdom:Angry:

    But we can have an uplift code.. what is an uplift code? it tells Currys we can have a new fridge because the item is less than 12 months old.... great.. the new fridge is £86 more.. we have to pay for this.

    Now Mrs Boss decides to go an see what Currys has to offer...two smaller fridges (now note this word smaller .. it is important in a moment).. two smaller fridges are same price as the broken one, but to get the same size it costs extra.. note again I said same size.

    Today the fridge arrives (paid extra for a Sunday delivery).. checked the old serial number to make sure they are not getting a duff fridge but the one with the broken door.. that is what they have.. so they unpack the new fridge and try to put it in the hole where the other one came from....

    Now this is where the word smaller and same size comes in.....

    Yes new fridge is bigger than the hole it has to go into. Fitted kitchen... the old fridge fitted with room to spare each size.

    So the usual domestic conversation starts.. did you not measure it I ask? no the man said it was the same as the old one she says.

    Poppycock... it is not going to fit in that hole and yes I was right.. half in and half out of the hole. Who ever put the kitchen in has the cupboards at the wrong angles it in narrower by 1/2" at the back than the front. Wonkie wall I expect or a duff fitter:cry:

    Two hours later, with the power saw and the electric drill and we have a part of the carcass of the kitchen cupboard beside the hole for the fridge removed... big hole if you must know.

    It now fits, I hope it lasts a long time as I would hate to have to get it back out of the hole... I had to rewire the socket and move it up as the fitted plug would not go in the plug socket.. a five minute job 3 hours later.

    Even the workmen get more cups of tea than I did.

    So the 10:10:10 must have something to do with it all..Oh yes do not let women near a tape measure.. or should I say make them learn to use it or go to the store yourself... At least I can blame Sue for it this time..10:10:10:100%.:Rofl1:
  12. So the end of the show season has arrived. After the weather at Lincoln I might say thank goodness... where as last year we had fantastic weather at Malvern and Bath & West this year it has been very mixed blessings. But today I am sitting here in my office (at the back of the house) with the door open and it is warm? what gives?

    Well yesterday was not to bad, so I thought OK lets carry on doing the various jobs outstanding. Last week with Sues help we fitted the mirror to the top of the Velvac mirror so I can now see the running board and road on the off side... remember we have a yank B class and I am on the near side. So that was one job down and yesterday I fitted the day light running lamps to the front.

    I had thought I would get the garage to do the job.. but hell that would be two hours labour. OK not easy in the wheelchair but again with Sue's help we managed to drill the front panel and screw up the brackets after adding grease to stop the screws rusting. I had already attached white plastic card to the bracket (that super glue they sell at the shows really works a treat) so that there was no metal contact between the body and the backet.

    The lamp had a live and earth wire and I run the live to a feed from the ignition system so it comes only one whent he key has turned to start the RV and off when it is not running. The earth wire to a suitable bolt that gave a good conection. A fuse in line just in case I needed to disconnect the lamps if in such a place that does not allow them on. So I have saved myself a hundred pounds or so.

    Plus it was the satisfaction of doing the job. Now I have a massive folder where I put in details of all the jobs I do and the receipts and instructions so in the future any owner will be able to know what the previous owner did on the RV. Almost like a service history but for the little jobs.

    So as I think about draining the boiler for the the next few months and closing it down I start to think of April and France next year.. warmer weather and another year of shows and another year getting older and poorer.. always poor with an RV.... wealth wise but not pleasure wise:RollEyes:
  13. I was doing a post this morning about Sue (the boss) being called Mrs Slobadobabob.. anyway I got on to various other issues including that Sue thinks she is undervalued.. who am I to disagree:Smile: but I was saying I need her to do the washing up etc., but then we got on to the awning thing.

    Now if you do not own an A & E awning that is on a lot of American rigs you may not fully understand the rest of the blog.. but do try and keep up:Blush:

    The A & E awning is a great bit of kit. unlike all those that lost there bottle at Lincoln in the wind and put away the Fiama's us Yanks in the most did not have to taken them down.

    The reason is they are attached by two big arms to the side of the motor home. Now most Yanks have some serious body work, mine being the same and the awning is well attached. But when we lower it and run up the support arms and lock it down we still put out some strapes to ground anchors to stop it whipping up and snapping the arms.

    Now the set up of the awning requires a lot of steps. 1) release the top catch using a long thin metal bar with a hook on the end. 2) someone i.e Sue in this case then uses this pole with the hook on it to attach it to a eye on a long bit of strap that is would round the awning as it goes away.. so that is pulled 3) when the awning has come down to the extent of the strap allows 4) you pull up each side an inner slider and that locks at the ends of the outer arms 5) you use the slide pull ups and that moves the awning up to the height you want and the lever when released locks it. 6) you turn the lock knobs on the thinner top slide unit and it is then set.... you then use straps to secure it to the ground.

    Each camper has his own way.. Dodgy (Simon and Sarah) goes over the end arms and under the canvas, me I go over the canvas plus I have a couple extra ones going from the awning rail to the ground.

    Now that is simple to me... may be to my fellow yank owners. BUT not to SUE.. we can do it a dozen different ways.. then we get to fitting the flappers.. another story but to say she has always left them on the wrong side of the awning and cannot reach them with out crawling on the floor... map reading? no way let the saterlite do it.:Eeek: once the awning is up peace reigns in the Fage camper.. but watch the arguments we have each time we set up... 20 years plus we have been doing this.. and it gets no better.:thumb:
  14. Is winter on the way? seems so, not the best summer I have known, whatever happened to the Indian summers we knew when we were young? or did we just imagine them. Had to swtich the heating on the RV at Bath & West as it got cold over night, today when I took Ezzie out with the buggy I was wrapped up in my heavy coat.

    OK the sun was out, but there was a cold cutting wind in Kent. My wind chimes are going it out side my office this morning, so will I be firing up the heating soon? had to put an electric heater on in the lounge for an hour last night so yes I think winter is on the way.

    Last weekend we were at the Bath & West showground with the funsters, we had a great time and met a lot of faces to go with the posts I see. We saw some new people who just joined us, and were kept entertained by JJ and the solex bike.

    If you have not gone to one of the shows and joined in at a meet then you are missing a lot. I recommended it. You will hear the worse singing if you are prepared to stay up late... us we were in bed by midnight so I can deny it .. as in 'I deny it, I demand proof and if that fails I lie....' but seriously we were in bed. Made it hard the next day to wear the badges as everyone you met said so you are one of those that made the noise last night... honest it was not me.

    Trouble of wearing the badge, or in my case being a well built chap on a buggy with a great big lump of a St Bernard ..(also with a badge with the name Ezzie on it) with you, means it takes hours to get round the show as everyone stops for a chat.. then you get those that want to stroke Ezzie.... never me!!! but a quick trip round the show is a long long one for us. ..we do not really mind as we have met some interesting people and made some friends along the way.

    Even the traders know us by the dog! well better than not being known at all I suppose.

    But yesterday I called up Star Spangled Spanner about some items I wanted delivered to Lincoln.. I have spoken to Duncan and his wife many times.. but yesterday Duncan's wife said to me are you Slobadoberbob? Yes I said... I wondered she said.. so even without seeing me in my avitar (picture is of Ezzie) I cannot escape.

    Try explaining to a Frenchie ---- i.e Frankie what the handle means.. In the end we explained it is because a St Bernard slobbers.. but how did I get the name?

    Another Blog another time... some say I look like the dog.. not sure if that is good or bad!:Blush:
  15. Why is it on a Sunday afternoon or early evening I manage when I take Ezzie our Saint Bernard out for a walk I see crime being committed. This is the seond time this year I have had to use the mobile phone to dial 999. Last time it was a street mugging that saw the victim ending up in hospital for a few days and yesterday it was 5 mindless youths robbing the phone box (or trying).

    So my 5 minute walk firstly taking Ezzie out and then my daughters Begium Shepherd took most of the evening and I missed the start of the James Bond film on tv...Casino Royal... Anyway at 6 p.m the crim took place and I was still doing the police statement just after 10 p.m and today Bank holiday Monday an early call saying we need more statement and and at 12.15 he turns upto take the statement.

    The only good thing is that two were arrested and held in custody over night why they sort out a charge. I was pleased to see someone else also called the police and gave a statement today as well.

    I live in Tunbridge Wells, in Kent and it is not the sort of thing you think goes on.. but it does. Nowhere is safe these days it seems.

    I remember in the 60's as a youth (went to work at 15 in 1964) we did not have this kind of crime. It makes me wonder why to day? is it the parents that have no control? :Angry: