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  1. Our new motorhome is here and it's a girl. We have named her Nellie Bly after the travel journalist who went around the world in 72 days!
    The excitement of the new arrival sent the expectant "father" into a tiss. Taxi to Leeds to get the night bus down to Bournemouth was booked for 11pm the night before. Car pulls up outside the house, Dad loads cases into car, with the aid of the very nice "taxi" man. Only when wifey comes out and says "don't we know you? Aren't you our son's girlfriends's dad?" So it was, he had come to pick up his daughter as she had missed the last train home, and at that moment said son and girlfriend appear as well as the real taxi! Very funny! Story will be told again and again and again!
  2. As the day draws nearer to us picking up our new motorhome, just 5 now, we have had pictures of our new motorhome having its awning attached and the back rack fitted at Dolphin Motorhomes. It looks fantastic.
    We have booked a nearby campsite for the first night so that we can get familiar with our unit and then to test it to the limit our second night is a night of wild camping...location to be decided yet...can't wait!
  3. Sooooh excited.. picking up our new motorhome in 8 days time... New to motorhoming,we were previously trailer tenters but have outgrown that in so many ways... We were discussing the other day what we should call our new purchase but felt we were like expectant parents not knowing what colour to paint it's room, would it be blue or would it be pink?.. we have decided to wait and see what we get before we decide on a name.
    We were watching Andy on the Motorhome Channel the other day and he made some comments on waving to other motorhomers.. we had a bit of a laugh today coming up with our own unique wave... more of a thumbs up which comes up from the centre of the dash board over the top of the steering wheel.. We waved to three other motorhomers today but none of them saw us... but we did laugh.