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  1. Hello. Please forgive the title of this, but I really couldn't think of anything else to call it?
    Does anybody know of any work going? Let me qualify that fiirstly.
    My wife and I are currently wintering down in Spain, and very pleasant it is too. We are however, now thinking that it would be good to try and finance our travels a little and as such we have applied for a caretakers position in France or Bulgaria. This got us to thinking what other possibilities/ opportunities may be out there?
    I am a builder by trade and would therefore make for an ideal handyman and we both have extensive experience in the leisure and entertainment industries. We have been professional musicians for many years now and are fit, out going and friendly people by nature.
    On the off chance that somebody may know of a possible opportunity out there, then please let us know.
    We would consider home or abroad ( preferbly) and a board and lodging arrangement also. Part time or flexible / casual.
    Thanks in anticipation. :thumb: