*We*set off for Dover on Saturday 23 june stayed overnight at Canterbury Aire then down to Dover for 1.15pm crossing arrived France 2.45 ish was going to stay a couple of days in Boulogne but decided to carry on making our way to the Normandy beach sites.Sunday night we got as far as Rouen and stopped on the banks of the Seine ..Monday we carried on towards Caen.We did hit a couple of tolls en route but it was only inexperience and a lack of knowledge of the motorways but managed to avoid them after this first 2 days (total toll cost 17.20 Euros)Decided not to go into Caen as it would be too busy so took the Pegasus bridge and coast rd to Juno Beach, Gold Beach stopped on outskirts of Arromanches on an aire on the clifftops close to the 360 cinema ,at about 2pm had to move into village its
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  1. Decide to stay for a couple of days in Pornichet/La Baule
    2 nights on site and one on the sea front at Porchenet,and a further night on a site at Tremondec camping site near Guerande and about 2 mile from La baule( a camping card acsi site ).After the few days at La Baule we then headed back up the coast via Le Croisic Carnac, Port Navalo,Port Loius, Vannes, L'orient and Fougeres back into Normandy stopping again at the Mont St Michel into St Lo and then a proper look at the Normandy landing Beaches with a stay at Omaha Beach and a last night with a meal at a restaurant in Arromanches before making our way back to Boulogne for a bit of shopping, into Calais and then home.4 nights on site the rest on aires or wildcamping £230 in diesel and covered 1,700 miles,(including the 280 miles each way from Stockport to Dover and back). £55 in site fees we used about 4 kilo's of gas(I took a full 13kg and a part used 6kg weighed it and it was just over half full and we did not change it until the last couple of days)and had the heater in for half a day to dry clothes and one night that was cold and a very good 2 weeks holiday despite the rain.In fact we have booked a ferry crossing for 22nd Sept again Dover Calais so watch for france part 2.
    Web site http://rebbyvid.moonfruit.com/ contains a more detailed travelogue by Jaine.