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  1. Car Park not very M/H friendly but there is a layby just 50mtrs or so up the road
    The food is above average for a pub, we had the slow roasted Pork Belly with Cider sauce and it was very moorish. I had mine with chips, which were a disappointment, not a decent sized chip among them, all bits, Maureen had hers with Veg which she said "were alright" While the meal Meat was excellent The chips and the plate of veg were not all that inspiring, although, when you factor in the prices charged, it was value for money.

    There were a couple of small niggles, the Music was just a shade too loud, and the holes in the Salt and Pepper pots were encrusted, so to get anything out you had to take the bung out of the bottom, also noticed one of the other customers searching around for S&P pots with anything in.
  2. Canal side Beer Garden, lovely spot, spoilt by a fugg of Cigarette smoke, and loud and foulmouthed Patrons.
    Together with the frustration of trying to order a meal and a drink, drove us away.

    Will I go back? Only when the Devil Skis to work!
  3. Had a very disappointing meal there today. I had the Beef Burger, M had the Plaice Goujons, both with their "very nice chips" as advertized, and lauded!
    The Plaice was as dry as, all moisture had been cooked out of it. The Burger was even dryer, it was supposed to come with Stilton and bacon. The Bacon was miniscule, and the cheese was one of those Plastic slices.
    The Special "very nice Chips"? I can honestly say, were not the worst chips I have Ever been served up, that honour goes to the "Lerran Inn" (albeit several years ago now) but they were very close to it.
    When we complained we were told "the Boss", the Chef, was on his day off!
    Lots of shrugs, glances at each other, total don't give a bugger I only work here attitude.
    Will I go back? No.
  4. Punchbowl and Ladle Pub on the way to the King Harry Ferry from Playing Place on the A39 from Truro to Falmouth.
    Car park M/H friendly, meals a tad dearer than the usual "pub" grub but well worth the extra!
    When we went 7.4.15, the service was excellent, the meal also (Braised Pork Belly,Kale and Croketet of Potato, Fillet of Sea Bass ) Everything was spot on! 2 G&Ts, 2 Lime Sodas All up just over £40!
    Worth going back to? You betcha! one of the best meals we have had in Cornwall!
  5. Just off the A390 at Sticker (turn left by the Car Sales) sign posted from there.

    Cod cooked just right, Batter golden and crisp, Chips? best place in Cornwall for Chips, absolutely Scrummy!, Maureen had Scallops and Black Pudding, again absolutely Scrummy! Reasonable prices, Good Rural outlook, efficient staff, Lift for the infirm that can't manage stairs.

    Worth going back to? You Betcha!
  6. Don't be fooled by the absolutely Gourmet Cakes in the window, They are Delicious,
    I had the Ploughmans Lunch, Stale roll, the only thing crispy in the salad was the slice of red onion.
    As for the rest, cheese etc etc, although fresh, was let down by the Salad and roll. When I complained about the roll I was very rudely informed "we get everything fresh from the CO OP each day" I left it on the plate, Quite a sad experience really, Will I go Back? No will give it a miss next time>
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  7. Had the Burger and chips, the Roll was stale, the Chips were over cooked, and all bits instead of a full bodied chip, the burger, bacon and cheese were the only thing worthwhile.
    Soup, the ubicquitous "Carrot and Corriander" had been super heated, it was that hot it was inedible.

    While the Staff were efficient, the surroundings and the view surrel, the meal turned it all into a non event .

    Definately a place to avoid
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  8. If you park in the Car Park (free) behind the Kings pub, in Chasewater, walk up the stereet the Chippie is well worth while.
    Fresh cooked Fish and Chips all for well under a £20
    Well cooker fish, Batter just right, Chips a bit bitty, but on the whole "honest"
    For the Price, and the fact they are cooked in front of you! Good value for money,although not exactly with the Rick Stein charizma!:thumb:
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  9. Had the Cod ,Mrs R had the Lemon Sole, Fabulous!

    The chips however were limp and soggy, obviously cooked in not hot enough fat, chips let the meal down, and for a so called award winning Chippie, not good enough!
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  10. Chips bitty, Batter way too thick, fish not cooked, only good thing about the visit, they serve a good pint of real ale, Go back? only when the Devil skates to work!:Wink:
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  11. Probablly one the best Chippies I've eaten in, my advice get there early, the Queue was out the door and up the street, and people were quite happy to wait (in the rain) for a table.
    Fish Batter just right Chips were some of the best, no bits, chunky, golden crisp outside, fluffy inside

    At 20 Waterloo street Weston sur Mere. Am I going back? You betcha!:thumb:
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  12. Cod and Chips!

    Cod overhanging the Plate, Beer Batter cooked just right, Golden and Crunchy, no soggy under pinning, Fish that fresh it was swimming just before it was put in the pan! (Landlord has his own boat!)
    The Chips were the #1 grade, Chunky, no bittie bits! And golden! crispy outside and feathery inside, if you are a Chip Aficinado! You will have a "When Harry met Sally Moment"

    With the ubiquitous pint of real ale and a 175mls of white wine, just under £25:thumb:
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  13. Went to Looe, and Daves Diner next to the new Fish Market.
    Took the Lemon Sole and Chips.
    Absolutely scrummie! Chips were a bit "bittie! but the Lemon Sole was great.

    There was a bit of background noise from the front counter but all in all, for the price, under £16 for two, an enjoyable experience .
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  14. Went to the Brit today it's on the corner of the A390 and the A 3082, just before you turn to the Cornish Market World

    I had a "Brit Burger" with extra Cheese and Bacon, Mrs R the Steak and Ale Pie
    The pie was definately home made, you could tell by the depth of the pie and more importantly by the crimping.
    My Burger was excellent, Home made meat pattie, lettuce, tomato, and the Bacon and cheese extra, complete with a lightly toasted bun. All topped off with marvellous chunky chips.
    Maureens Pie and Veg accompliment was delicious
    not the usual "Home Made " which you soon realise was straight out of the chiller at Asda,Tesco!!

    The Dining Room has recently been upgraded, and could be described as "swish". Staff were friendly professional, The Carpark M/H friendly, heaps of room!

    With the ubicquitous pint of real ale and a 175 of white wine, under £25
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  15. Went to Polkerris today for lunch, the RASHLEIGH INN

    For parking it was good because the Pub has it's own Car Park. The approach to Polkerris is a very narrow road and the only carpark ,at the bottom, belongs to the Pub.
    Mrs R had Sea Bass Fillet I had the local caught Fish and Chips.
    MrsRs vegs were over done, and my Meal, the fish was miniscule, and the chips were over cooked, no decent sizes to the chips, just a lot of bity bits, not good value for the £9.50 paid

    Whereas last Saturday we had Fish and Chips at the Chasewater Chippie, Fish about 250mls long, absolutely delicious, big fat chips all for under £13 for two.
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