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  1. hi,everyone i feel i need to comment about prescription,s abroad as i live in france at the moment er indoor,s has a box fitted, after her cancer op as we intend full timing,and travelling a lot, i know that here in france you can visit a doctor and get your prescription need,s ok it cost,s 21 euros,but seventy five percent is refunded,you can go to a local nurse and get the box cleaned on a monthly basis,which is needed,don,t despair it,s easy it,s just knowing how to go about it:thumb:
  2. hi everone,no info about us yet just joined,but plenty of questions,just a bout to dump the house and all responsability for a life on the road,:Smile:.first question how big a motor home to buy just me, her,one jacko,and two cat,s all trained i might add, and trussed,we live in france at the moment but that end,s in september,as we want to start our,adventure in the uk,will a large rv,say 30 ft, be a problem with parking e.t.c.are ther any special routes to take due to the size of the motor home any advice from you freedom junkies:helptitanic: