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  1. hi,
    earlier in the month we took of to the peak district for our first trip in the rv. we planned it as a trial run to check everything worked and we knew what we were doing.we left on tuesday lunch just before all the gales started and had an uneventful trip towing our vito van and taking our two bernese mountain dogs with us. the weather was terrible but we dont let that worry us, everything was fine until we were leaving on thursday morning to go to brownhills at newark to have a camos sattelite system fitted we found we had flat batteries and a flat tyre. green flag sorted us and we were late arriving at newark and had to stay overnight and travel home on friday.
    i have sourced some new tyres so that is sorted and we are waiting for a vehicle electrician to sort the battery problems, it seems the previous owner maybe wasnt as good ot electrics as he thinks. so we are grounded for a little while. i am having a problem myself trying to work out how all the electrics and battery systems work, i suppose its practice. the rv performed fairly well even pulling the vito. any help in understanding our problems would be grateful.
    geoff and lynn
  2. hello & thanks for the birthday wishes sorry im a little late we have just returned from our winter hols.
    hopefully going to pick up our rv today, we are total newcomers so we are like kids with new toys. this is also my first day of retirement so everything seems strange today. any tips from you proffesionals would be grateful. bye for now. Geoff & Lynn.