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  1. Arrived back at Parc Verger on Sunday....brrrrrrr

    All is well, our forms for our carte vitale have arrived and duly filled in and sent off.

    Have to say we are impressed with the French medical system. They have already picked up that we are old farts and Steph has an invitation for a mammogram and we both have invitations for colon tests :Blush:

    My details of income have been sent to accountant to move us from the UK tax system and into the French so progress is being made.

    Watch this space. :BigGrin:
  2. All done and dusted now so off to Toulouse to see Frankie tomorrow then onward to Spain n Portugal for the winter.
    No more reports till we get back but watch the forums for our travels to meet up with the soggies (Alan and Lynda Laneside) :thumb:
  3. Things are moving apace.
    Static is now sited, when looking at the pics please bear in mind that next year there will be a wrap round deck full length of the van and up to the fence and around the back corner. Also pitch will be fenced off.
    Other good news our temporary Carte Vitale No has arrived and the good news is our UK EHIC cards are still valid in Spain and Portugal till we get our French ones.
    All is well in our little world! :BigGrin:

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  4. Been a good couple of weeks. Had Kentu (Canopus) and Champers here and of course our buddies the Soggies (Alan and Lynda).
    Work on the pitch progresses, Andy who is doing it really knows his stuff and I am well pleased.
    The decking and fencing will have to wait till March as my expert has had an accident and cannot do it till then.
    Been in touch with Olaf in the Dordogne who is qualified in the UK and France and will sort out the tax situation for me at a very reasonable cost.

    Onward and upward he he :thumb:
  5. I have not posted lately as nowt has happened . Today we received the French translations for our birth certificates.
    Anyhoo off we jolly well went to CPAM.
    It went as smooth as silk!! We are now registered in the French medical and social system we just have to wait for our letters for a temporay No and then the letter for a photo for our carte vitale.

    The work has now started on our pitch for the static so all systems go.

    Thanks to the folks who have commented on this blog it is encouraging. :Smile:
  6. Pfft I am not allowed to say another good day!!!

    So progress is made. today we got the motorhome into the French system.
    There was no problem at all!
    I think much rests on having all the paperwork to hand.

    The process was made smoother for me by my friend and interpreter Brian (papasmurf)

    So many thanks to him for his time and expertise.
    Every day in France I learn something new.
    Today I have learned that Brians are like Munchies, everyone should have one!!! :thumb:
  7. Well all documents arrived from the UK, duly photocopied and files all ready.
    So orf we go to CPAM at St Junien, pfft it is August, shut for the month due to hols. :cry:

    Anyhoo M/home headlights have been changed and off for a CT (MOT) today.
    Sailed through, and only need to do it every two years so now ready to go to the prefecture when my friend (interpreter) Brian is available. :thumb:

    So once again we move forward.

    While I am on a roll I might try Steph to see if she is receptive. :Eeek:

    Maybe not. :cry:
  8. FDB2.jpg FDB3.jpg FDB5.jpg Movement now taking place. Birth cert is on it's way and m/home is booked in on Wednesday to have the headlights changed to LHD.
    Luvverly walk today at Foret De Bourbon, here are a couple of piccies from the walk. :thumb:
    The sunflowers filled two big fields at Chateau De Brie on the way home.
    (pfft no zip wire for my buddy)
  9. Ahh they have found me. Had my name down as an H instead of a K numpties.
    So birth certificate on the way and I can progress. :thumb:
  10. Pfft no progress, still waiting for the idiots to find my birth certificate.
    Had a run out to Rochechaurt lake today and a toddle round.
    Couple of piccies for you, weather as you can see is wonderful. :thumb:

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  11. ABB_9609.jpg ABB_9610.jpg Ken.jpg Steph.jpg Pfft hit a brick wall. Tried all the agencies in the UK and no one can find my birth certificate....I am a "non person"!!!

    Anyhoo the weather is fantastic!!!
    Went to Piegut today just out of the Haute Vienne into the Dordogne.
    The whole town is decked in papaer flowers. What a beautiful sight!!!

    Some piccies for you.
  12. Things are moving along. Our static is now on site, the timber for our decking has arrived and we got the rams for our drop down bed and that is now sorted.
    Still waiting for our birth certificates to arrive so we can sort out CPAM.
    Wether has been mostly dry, but the locals tell me not as good as usual.
    Nothing like the UK though.
  13. Yet another good week.
    Registered with the local doctor. Hey guess what? You don't need an appointment you just turn up and wait your turn!!!
    Very helpful too, had my heart n lungs checked out all OK as was my BP.
    In England i was told at 80kg I was obese here I am just a teeny bit o/weight. he he.
    Wood for our decking is on order and will arrive next week so I can get that painted ready and static should be here midweek, just to be confirmed Monday or Tuesday.
    Weather has been fantastic all week, last time I had a tan like this was 1976!!!
    Life is good!!! :thumb:
  14. A good day today.
    We went to the Hotel d'impote and got our tax exemption certificate for the motorhome (Quitas Fiscal).
    It all went a smooth as silk despite my minimal French and his lack of English.
    When we returned Steph's S1 has arrived so we can now progress that.
    Managed to order copies of our birth amd marriage certificates from .gov (French will not accept originals, they have to be less than 3 months old), pfft apparently being a Scot I had to order through "overseas"!!!:Eeek:

    So happy bunnies we are as we can now get some things moving. :thumb:
  15. A good week for us. We have been giving Brian a hand at his house, had a visit from Hilda (Dave Shiftzz) and today Itineo sent me my certificate of conformity for my motorhome free of charge (had I brought my car over Hyundai wanted €250)
    So we can now make some progress, watch this space. :thumb: