About a month ago Sandra dropped the bomb shell that she was going to retire early and wanted to travel in our motorhome.

And she wanted to leave as soon as possible to catch the nice weather in France.:thumb:

One month later we left uk aboard the shuttle. Spent the first night in the peace and quiet of Embry aire.
Then travelled down to via Orleans and stayed a couple of nights at the Isle de Moulins site and then on to Parcverger.

Weather warm and sunny 29c - just what the doctor ordered for my long suffering back back. :cry:
I have had to cancel my thoughts of visiting the trial des nations - I just could not cope with walking up hills etc at the moment. :Angry:

Sandra who also loves watching motorcycle's climbing impossible hills (not) was also disappointed :BigGrin:.
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  1. We were away for 83 days

    We drove 4612 miles at 31mpg averaging around 60 miles/day

    bought around 150 gals of fuel at approx £5.50/gal (If my maths is right)

    so cost approx £825 in diesel

    Tolls in France/Spain and Portugal cost £281

    Paid around £1000 in site fees

    This would be extra to what I usually spend at home.

    It totals around £2100

    Divide by 83 days

    Makes it around £25 per day

    What great value :thumb::thumb::BigGrin::BigGrin:
  2. Peniscola - blowing a gale here and the town has shut down for the winter.
    One night only and then on to Capmany for another overnight and then Parcverger for the weekend.

    Capmany site very windy overnight but a nice site with friendly management.

    Back onto the motorway next morning, went through the toll booths, collected a ticket, within a kilometer we had to pay 0.80E - what a mickey take!!

    Now in PV - cold so long trousers but a warm welcome.

    Tomorrow Embry and then home :thumb:
  3. Stopped at Mazzaron and los maldiles for a few days each. Nice sites and weather still very pleasant

    Carried further east to Altea. Again a nice site and town. Very Spanish :thumb:

    Off again at the end of the week to Peniscola, looking forward to that.

    All the sites on the way home have been packed out with Germans staying for the winter.

    Seen very few other nations?
  4. Back into Spain now.

    Cabopina, nice site but area way to expensive. The only bit of Spain so far that does not show price with IVA on menu. Site just off A7 so a bit noisy and about 15 minutes down hill to the beach.

    Moved up to Torre de mar. Much better pricing. It's a lovely Spanish town with a fair smattering of other races, Chinese shops seemed to be all over the place. The site just 5 minutes walk out of town and a couple minutes from the beach.

    Now Marrazon site, edge of town and right on the beach. Very quiet last night. :thumb:
  5. Just spent four delightful days staying at the Chickenrun.

    Loved every minute of it.

    Joined the Friday club at the local bar, Got back home late.

    Each evening we got into the habit of giving a few tit bits to the dog which had adopted us as we arrived.

    She really enjoyed the fillet steak I accidently gave her.

    New motto - don't feed the dog when I have had a drink!

    Sunday's BBQ - cooked by Andrew was lovely. The company was everybody on site and a old friend of two who had just left the site to live in town.

    We were sad to leave on Monday.
  6. So we have driven back into Portugal. Camping Albufeira to be precise.

    28c and sunny. Just what the doctor ordered :thumb:
  7. Well we got here in the end. Staying just outside Tavira on a site in Cabanas. 200 mtrs from the railway station and about one kilometer from the sea front
    Weather is sunny and warm and the site is clean quiet with plenty of room.

    Visited Tavira and Faro on the train but did it rain in Faro. Both nice places

    The thunderstorms and general gloomy days have appeared to settled in. Three days with more forecast :Sad:

    Had planned a few days in Albufeira and then onto the Chicken run for a long weekend but as we drove west in the rain with the hills disappearing under cloud.

    We both agreed 28c and sunny in Spain sounded more fun.

    So here we are in Torre del Mar.

    Site just outside town 10mins to the centre
    So far really like it.

    Our birthday today 4th Oct so off to celebrate :thumb:
  8. :thumb::thumb:[​IMG]
  9. Moving foreever west wards we travelled along side the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Beautiful scenery that demands another visit.

    Snow on the mountains and feels like you are passing through many different countries with the ever changing views.

    Dusty hills, forests and huge mountains all on about three hours driving.

    We stayed in the new acsi site in Olvera. Its on a hill about two miles from the town.

    Big site with just four of us on it. Nearest thing I have ever done to wild camping.

    The site has huge pitches that could accomodate the largest motorhome but spoilt by a large change of angle when entering the access road and a general air of neglect spoilt it for us.

    Every pitch was covered in weeds, a dead tree that overhung one access road appeared battered from repeated hits by motorhomes and caravans.

    We only stayed one night and was happy to leave.

    We then travelled to Zahora and are staying on a lovely site about 20 mins walk to the sea.

    Great beach with nice bars all the way along the access road through scores of villas.

    Its still 28c during the day and we will stay for a bit longer. :thumb:
  10. As we travel west we stopped in the national park near Almeria just outside San Jose for a couple of days

    What a place almost all the ground outside the park is covered in plastic green houses. Felt like another world :Eeek:

    The park is lovely with some little white villages and beaches but felt a bit weird. I can't really explain why. A bit "wild west" sort of feeliing.
  11. Today we moved down to Almeria. San Jose to be precise
    Valencia was lovely but the rice paddys meant lots of biting insects. I had a queue waiting for lunch as I have rather a lot of bites
    First evening nice so far but it's a giant plastic city down here I have never seen anything like it before :Eeek:
  12. Yesterday as we had lunch at the beach cafe the thunderhead clouds were building out at sea. They came ashore at tea time and boy was it noisy.
    Thunder, lightning and rain and the storm was right over our head.
    Cloudy and cool now, 1st time I have put long trousers on since July! :Sad:
  13. Well the warmer weather called us south

    Long drive with a night at Carcassonne brought us to Loret de Mar. Again sunny and warm weather :thumb:
  14. Our first full day at Parcverger -quiet, peaceful and warm :thumb:
    Met another funster and had a long chat about life.
    Tomorrow another sunny day is forecast :BigGrin: