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  1. :france::france::france: Headed for LeShuttle all excited and stopped overnight at M20 J11 after a long run from Devon. Arrived early at the terminal and was so easy and organised don't know why I worried. Not having driven in France before thought we'd give ourselves a chance to get used to the roads and find the sun quicker so we'd go on the toll roads after 300 miles and a total toll bill of €101 (class3) we decided to let the satnav take us non toll. Well what a pleasure some beautiful countryside, miles of vineyards through Loire valley, lovely roads, good clear signposts, easy driving don't know why I worried.
    Travelling on Sunday in France was a bit like driving through ghost towns no people, no cars and the villages were like scenes from old war films.

    Arrived Saint Jean d'Angely - Val de Boutonne campsite. Well worth a stop a Royal Abbey dates back to Medieval times a very old town with courthouse and town square dread to think what happened there! (see Wikipedia).

    John preparing for next leg Tuesday 250miles to Biarritz.

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