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  1. March 2
    Our last month away & we are moving North into France. Our first stop at Trebes ,is an aire on the canal, the canal du Midi, running from Bordeaux to Marseille.

    A very pleasant place to stop overnight.

    March 3
    The next stop is a small town going by the name of Saint Gery on the banks of the river Lot. By ourselves by the river with only the sound of the weir for company. The following morning Jean sat in bed watching a woodpecker banging away at the tree over the camper….magic.

    March 4
    On to a camp site near Limoges, Camping Park Verger, run by an English couple building their site that should be even better when they get finished, but they have some way to go yet.
    A beautiful village in a beautiful part of France.

    Why do we pay so much for Mistletoe?
    There is loads of it on the French trees

    March 8
    We are now getting further North with each day. We are not rushing and enjoying the pleasant countryside with quite nice weather.

    As we near the end of this years experience one starts to look back our time away from the UK.
    The weather, being one of the important elements has come up trumps this year. With sunny weather from December to the end of February, with only the few days of rain, we feel it has been an exceptional winter. This has been echoed by locals who also told of much worst winters in the past.

    Our travels have been much less than in previous years but none the less enjoyable for that. We have concentrated more on seeing more of the areas we visited rather than covering greater distances.

    Our major disappointment is as we took so long coming home through France our Tan has faded!!
    Now in Ashford Kent & soon to be joining the Funsters at Newark

    January 19
    We have now moved to Alcossebre a short drive down the coast as I have described earlier. This site is good because there are large pitches & not too many trees to hamper access, also all are covered in gravel so no problems with getting on or off. Being right on the beach is nice but it is a good walk into town, although very pleasant along the coast.

    Walking to Alcossebre. 2.5 miles so Jean was surprised at walking 5 miles in total, but when the sun shines it makes the difference.
    It was windy to start but later hot as the wind dropped. Had a nice lunch on the front, Calamari & salad, plus a beer....great.

    January 21
    The weather has been excellent although today is cloudy, but we cannot have it all sunny, still very warm.
    On this trip we found a small shop selling some lovely meat and deili things. We bought a Pate that was Pork the man said & it was delicious with a fresh bread from the shop close by. We enjoy trying the local fare & this was just that.

    January 26
    Another week of fabulous weather, I think this year we have been very lucky with the weather. The weeks seem to fly by & we are now over halfway through our stay in Spain. Still not doing much apart from walking, eating & sitting in the sun.
    We are getting to like this area & the site & presently do not have any thoughts of moving.

    As you can see we area organised on site & with the good weather adding a dimension that makes us lazy.

    Still at Alcossebre & two of our friends have turned up for a few days.
    We are now thinking of moving on but as yet undecided on where to go.

    Today we visited the other camp along the coast the other side of Alcossebre to see what is available. This is a brand new site so everything is top class & the best site I have seen in Spain. We may try a short stay on our return trip.

    February 5
    February already, only 5 weeks left before we return, & the weather is still the same. It has been a glorious January, just what we came here for.

    Now moved into the mountains North of Valencia to Camping Altomira.
    This is probably the best site yet for the views, set on a hillside above the village of Navajas overlooking the hills of one of Spain’s many national parks.
    In this area there is no high rise buildings, with the majority of buildings being traditional Spanish design.

    Sun still shining!!

    February 10
    Today we went to the caves at La Vall d’Uxio, an interesting trip on a boat through the caves…….. without Jean – don’t like caves.

    February 12
    A bit of rain today so updating is the order of the day.
    Going around with Dave & Les has got us to see some different parts of the Spanish country side. Yesterday we went to Requena via a cross country route down some very narrow roads, too narrow to take a motorhome. A little cloudy but dry & cleared by evening.

    The scenery was spectacular, small villages clinging to the side of mountains or wedged in steep sided valleys between towering cliffs. A nervous ride for Jean, she don’t like steep drops, but I loved it.
    The problems started when the exhaust started to blow & finally broke leaving us in a quandary as to what to do. No amount of asking at garages in broken
    Spanish got us anywhere, but we got home sounding like a formula 1 car.

    February 15
    Our friends Dave & Les have left us so no transport now (they tow a car). We set off to walk along a disused train line, easy even for Jean, but with a short steep climb to start the walk.

    February 19
    We are now back at Alcossebre for 3 days to shop & top the wine up.

    The weather has taken a change for the worst, it’s raining. We have to remember this is winter in Spain & it won’t be all sunshine, but it’s still disappointing, & still warmer than home.

    February 20
    Decided to move on, & had an interesting journey! First took a wrong turning finishing up in the centre of Barcelona. Then a puncture in what can only be described as one of the less attractive parts of the city. Fortunately the RAC came to our rescue & we were on our way in under an hour.

    Despite our brush with Barcelona we once more went for a look around the city, this time by train from Santa Susana.

    It’s an amazing city although very spread out & needs 2 days to see it all.
    Our base was at camping Bon Repos, a site within 200 m of the station, much closer than Villanova park which was recommended to us as being a good place from which to go to Barcelona.

    The Villanova site is a long way from the station, & returning is all up hill, not a good site for motor homers of advancing years!

    February 26
    Weather has turned hazy although still warm. Thinking of heading North again in the next few days. We are returning to Le Startit where we can stock up on some very good Red wine sold in the camp site shop.

    February 29
    Moving has been a success, it’s now back to sunny & warm weather.
  3. Part two
    Christmas Eve
    Weather now improving with great sunny days, just what we came here for & it makes the drive worthwhile.

    Just got up Christmas day to clear Blue sky after an excellent dinner last night. Plenty of wine and good food made for a good night.
    The owners here are very friendly & look after us very well, not the cheapest camp site but we like it here and it’s not crowded, unlike the Algarve and the South of Spain

    Hired a car for a few days between Christmas & new year & explored the area a little. The weather is still good although cold at night, but hey, whose complaining.

    January 31
    New Year was a bit quieter for us, not wanting to be up late (getting old is a bugger) so we had the night in. The other campers celebrated 2 new years, one Spanish & at 1 o’clock UK new year

    January 4
    Now moved to Peniscola, 200 Km South, hoping for better weather. It is already warmer by a couple of degrees & we have good weather once more.

    Hired a car for another few days to once more explore the area & investigate other campsites for our onward travel & future reference.

    For anyone interested in these the following information may be useful, although these are our personal observations, others may disagree.

    Bennicassim is a very big site close to the town & super markets, Mercadonna and Lidl being in walking distance. Easy access to the pitches even for an RV, & there were some pitched there on the day we visited. The site has many of the metal frames the Spaniards erect for summer shade, but overall a good site & one of the CCC rally sites.

    Monomar at Moncofa is the same except it’s not close to town although not too far away. Much less busy than Benicassim & may be much quieter with no main roads close by.

    Playa Tropicana at Alcossebre is once again of a similar description not near to the town but within walking distance. The best thing here is beach access is directly across the service road & this is quiet.

    Overall we were impressed with the sites we visited.

    Not decided which will be our next stop, watch this space if you want to know.

    This are of the Costa Del Azahar is we find quite nice in a Spanish way & during our car hire we took a trip up the Ebro (river) valley. This is a huge river that runs almost the length of Spain starting from the mountains North of Madrid. By the time it reaches this coast it is a large body of water flowing through hills & gorges before entering the sea North of Valencia.
    The drive up to Mora is a spectacle you should not miss if you find yourself in the area. There is also a large delta are we did not visit, maybe next time.

    January 14
    The last two weeks have been great, with sunny weather building up our tan. But today it rained during the night & morning, driving the Spanish indoors, even the weekly market was none existent. I write this at 5pm & the sun is out once again, back with clear blue skies.:BigGrin::BigGrin::BigGrin:
  4. The Snow Birds
    December 2007 – March 20008

    This is the progress of Keith & Jeans travels South for winter 2007/08. As the house has not sold yet we decided to bog off & leave the agents to it. The Park Home is being built as we travel so when we get home it will be all systems go............ if the house has sold.

    Pics will be loaded in our album on this site. As we travel I will update this blog so come back & check on our progress.

    December 7
    We left home in the afternoon, earlier than planned due to a poor weather forecast.
    Stayed at Boroughbridge camp site for the night & had a good meal at a pub at Roecliffe, a small village just a short walk away.
    December 8
    Heading down through the improving weather we arrived at the Golden Lion pub in Luddlesdown near Gravsend.
    Pleasant company & a quiet night, although Dover was closed due to the wind so we are not sure if we can get the ferry tomorrow.
    December 9
    Drove to Dover via Tesco for provisions ready for the trip through France, & the ferries were running OK. Bedded down for the night on the Calais ticket car park, in a howling gale. So much for trying to miss the worsening weather that was forecast.
    December 10
    The first stage through France was OK & good time was made as far as St Maur de Touraine South of the French city of Tours, where we knew of a spot to stay the night.
    December 11
    After a cold night (we were warm enough in the van) we left in glorious sunshine, the problem being we were heading South so it was in our eyes until it rose a little higher in the sky.
    December 12
    Close to Toulouse we found another spot to stay but the someone had a dog that could not stop barking at the slightest noise, so a somewhat disturbed night.
    December 13
    The day dawned bright & clear after another cold night. Arrived on the French Mediterranean coast by lunchtime so had a good look round for a place to stay. Luecate on the coast had a huge car park right by the beach, so that suited us fine. The sky had been clear all day & gave us a terrific sunset but an annoying wind that kept us cool..

    December 14
    The day started clear again & the wind had dropped…this is what we came for, sun & warmth. We headed along the coast road which turned out to be very slow & winding though the views are spectacular. Jean doesn’t take too well to his type of road although I love it. Once on the straight once more we tried to find camp sites we had been told were open in the winter. Wrong, we visited a few but then gave up & headed for one we knew was open at LesTartit.
    December 15
    We are now on the camp site at L’estartit (Lestrit), so we will stay over Christmas & New Year. Unfortunately the weather has taken a turn for the worst, raining & cold

    December 16
    Better today & hopefully for the future. We don’t get up to anything exciting once we settle on a camp site so nothing happening at the moment just settling in
    December 17 JEANS BIRTHDAY
    Didn’t do anything special except we had a bottle of Champers to celebrate. Weather still changeable but warmer than UK.