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  1. Well another month gone, still here :Smile:
    Seemed to have picked up the bug that struck Sharon down at the weekend, and it ain't very nice I have an appointment tomorrow, 3rd October, to see a vascular specialist about the pains I get when trying to walk very far (well anything more than about 100 yards to be exact). I am certain that this is something to do with the fact that my cholesterol levels were quite high and I have gunged up veins and arteries.... He will tell me to stop smoking, which is probably a good thing really, but being a dinosaur I am now enjoying what may turn out to be my last few roll ups.
    Trouble with illness is that once you get into the circuit of having to go to the quacks, you forever seem to be suffering some ailment, and I am fed up with it all. I used to be fit and never went to the quack, but nowadays I feel as though I am always there, bloody place is full of sick people :Laughing:
    Anyway, as I said, another month gone, and another appointment with the chicken bone tossers, and I have another appointment to have my eyes photographed on the 16th (I think my eyes look OK, I don't need a picture of them to put on my wall) and then yet another appointment to see an Orthopaedic specialist on the 19th October. I guess my next appointment will be with St Peter (if I am judged to have been good :Rofl1:).
    Brighter news, we have decided to try and sell Rocky, after two years and several thousands of pounds spent on it we have decided that we really want to have an RV with a dinette, this invariably means that we will have to go up to a 32 foot RV. I don't really want to go any bigger than Rocky because at 30 feet it is ideal for getting onto sites without to many problems, I just hope that the extra 2 feet won't bring any difficulties. All the folk I have spoken to say that it won't make any difference but I guess we will see.... Anyway Rocky is now advertised and for sale. We will miss the old bus as it has been good to us for our 2 years of ownership. It has taken us many miles and to many different places. It has allowed us to make some wonderful friends and it is full of memories. I sometimes sit in it and think about someplace we have been or someone we have met, and because of that we will definitely miss it. Still it seems right to let it go now, all the jobs have been done and I am sure that someone will get years of happy touring out of Rocky and hopefully get just as much fun as we have had (without the expense). We are not sure what to do regarding a replacement yet, we have seen a couple of suitable RVs but don't want to get to exited about them until Rocky sells as that is always a real disappointment when that happens and the one you love gets sold before you can go and buy it. Hopefully Rocky will sell quickly, but if it doesn't, then we will just keep it as we are still really happy with it, so will not take any silly offers to buy it.
    We have decided to book a site in France for next years holiday, I had recently suggested a "meet" in France next year but it seemed to be put down :Blush: anyway Sharon has put up our holiday dates in the calendar and offer it as a meet for anyone who would like to meet up. There seems loads to do and see in the area we are going, and with that in mind I am starting to think about buying a little car and trailer so we can explore more easily, not sure what to get though, so I guess I am a long way off yet....
    Well that's about it for this entry, I am still not used to filling out a blog, it's like writing up a diary and I have never done that.
    Thanks for reading and I hope that I haven't bored you half to death, take care and happy camping.

  2. Today I have felt pretty rough and lethargic...
    As some of you know, I was diagnosed with Diabetes a while ago, which was pretty life changing. Not a lot is generally know about the disease and it's complications until you find that you have it, then you can find out loads of stuff that you never knew. The disease is one of the 20th century basically, where we live a rich lifestyle and eat far too much, especially the "wrong" things.
    Anyway I have check ups every 3 months and it includes a blood test which determines what my blood sugar level has been over the last 3 months and also checks my cholesterol levels. My last test showed my blood sugar was 8.5 (should be a max of 7) and my cholesterol was 3 (spot on). I was taking 3 x Metformin per day for the sugars and 1 x Simvastatin for my cholesterol. Because of the statin the cholesterol seems to have improved and is now OK, however the sugar is not responding well and Mr Grumpy Doctor has now increased my medication to include 1 x Gliclazide.
    I need to read up on this drug as my quack has no idea and cannot give me any information at all.
    Anyway since taking this tablet I have felt pretty rough and I really hope that it passes soon when my body (hopefully) adjusts to it.....
    Never mind, there is always someone worse off than me :Smile:
  3. Well I decided to go fetch some info that I had posted on another website so that it could be shared here, in a friendly environment, the link is HERE and I hope that it is both entertaining and informative......

  4. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, seems much like forum posting, but with a more personal feel to it. I hope that you all enjoy reading whatever I type and please feel free to make comment.
    I will appologise in advance if I ramble on or say something that you, the reader, disagrees with, but please remember that we all have an opinion on everything and this is my space where I get to air my thoughts and views :Laughing: