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  1. Enjoying life with the family in Australia, only another week left before flying back to the UK to continue our travels in Europe with the Motorhome.
  2. Leaving the Motorhome at home for a few weeks, while we are visiting family in the Land Down Under. In Adelaide.

    We have updated our blog though if anyone is interested
  3. We have updated our blog with a summary of our year away (with some facts and figures) if interested.
  4. Updated our blog

    We are home for a few weeks before heading off to Adelaide for six weeks.

    We will continue to update our blog and will be heading back to Europe for another year on Boxing Day this year.

    Thanks to you all for following our Journey. - :hugs:
  5. We have updated our blog

    Thanks for following :wine:
  6. Just updated our blog of our travels along the Romantic Road.
  7. A new update on our blog…y-in-switzerland/

    Thanks for viewing
  8. A couple of updates.…he-alsace-region/

    Thanks for viewing
  9. A new update.…-through-germany/

    Thanks to everyone who has been following our blog.:cooler:
  10. We have updated our blog
  11. Another update on our blog.

    Thanks for following.
  12. Another new update.
  13. A new update
  14. Another update on our Blog.

    Thanks for taking a peep.!!
  15. Another update

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