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  1. Well, that title is a bit of a misnomer since I haven't got a motor home yet but am looking for one to live in permanently (travelling around UK and Europe). I am looking actively to buy one at the moment - hopefully by the end of the year. Main problem is that of my shortlst of 12 motorhomes gleaned from brochures, not a single one seems to be available for viewing at shows or dealerships. One of the reasons I joined Motorhome and Away was to see if other people already owned the models I was looking at and would be willing to show them off to me. Haven't got the list to hand but they include:
    City Van CV 57L
    Eura Mobil TT 590 FB
    Eura Mobil TI 560 LB
    Karmann 585 TI
    Mooveo P800
    Pilote Avantura P600
    Rapido 707
    Rapido 903 F

    Back soon...