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  3. Tues 28th Sept
    After our enjoyable day in Rudesheim yesterday we move a little further north. We end up stopping at an aire but I decide I don't want to stop here so we have lunch then carry on past Brussels and park up on an aire for tonight. No dump for waste and no fresh water but we have free elec so that's a bonus
    Wed 29th
    Lost this day somehow.

    Thurs 30th Sept..
    After a quiet night and good sleep we decide to go to Ostend. What a nightmare trying to even park up for a few hrs. We find a good aire 10mins away at West end. On the way there we find a fuel station 102 for diesel. Excellent I thought but turns out you need to put the money in first. I Insert 70 euros but fuel only comes to 65. I don't get any change. ..feel robbed and so much for the bargain price. It's 18 euros a night but just like a campsite to me. Alan and I go looking for a restaurant, the best we can find is a tapas bar. Was ok.
    Fri 1st Oct
    Today's the day we head for the ferry but not until I've done some last minute wine shopping. We get on the ferry and I'm thirsty but no way am I paying 2 euros for water since I know it only costs 25p do I make the excuse to go see dog on car deck. Security escorts me and in my rush I open the fridge and think I see some water. Pick it up and glurg glurg. I soon find out its cooking oil mums put in an empty bottle. Ooooh yuck. We get off tge ferry and park up at a britstop. Go in for dinner and an early night.
    Sat 2nd Oct
    After stuffing ourselves with a fry up we head for another brit stop Nth of Leeds. Alan could be home by now but because of my bike we would have nowhere to sleep tonight and having a sore back it's too long to drive to Glasgow. Just went into the restaurant for dinner and now trying to catch up here. My 3 ran done so now I'm back in the UK have free wifi on my phone. :)
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  4. Thur 24th We leave Annecy and drive to an aire at Dole. It's a nice wee town and we decide to stay here for a few days instead of drive drive drive.
    Sat 26th Sept
    Set off from Dole this morning and drove fro several hours until we reached Germany, parked up at the aire outside the Hobby dealer in Ettingheim. Around another 5 MHS parked up. We took the bikes and went to explore the town. Very nice houses but not many shops and with it being the weekend nothing was opened so it was back to the MH and settle in with yet another dvd.
    Sun 27th Sept
    Left Ettingheim this morning and after an almost straight drive up the motorway we have arrived at an aire near Bingham. It's 6.50 a night, nice site and very much resembles a campsite without the loos. Great to get some washing done for €3 for washing machine. Next we went up to the campsite 5 min along the road to sit and eat watching the ships go by.
    Mon 28th Sept
    Took the boat from Bingham to Rudesheim today. Well we actually done the ring loop. Boat then chair lift up the mountain, a half hr walk through the forest then caught a cable car down the mountain into Rudesheim. What a lovely town and some nice x mas ornament shops but disappointed there were no oompah bands around today. Caught the boat back to Bingham a few hrs later. A good day out for 14 euros we think.
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  5. On the way here we stop off at an aire for lunch. Some french females approach us and ask us for some toilet roll for the loo. Oui Oui (Wee wee)Alan replie...haha. We then stop to buy gas and OMG reality hits home. Its coooold outside. Brr brr jackets on. Must have been the high altitude. We arrive in Annecy and go a walk through town only to get soaked. Alan gets fed up shopping and cold so decides to walk back alone. We women arrive back and find Alans not here so I backtrack to look for him. Cant help but snigger, he got lost, shouldve waited on us to begin with says me. :)
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  6. MON
    After an early morning cycle to the supermarket we came home and made a packed lunch. Took the train from Antibes to Monaco. The journey was around 45mins. The boat show starts there on Wed so we were unable to walk around the port. Done the tourist thing and got aboard the hop on hop off bus. €19 for the day. On the train journey home we were held up by an accident at the following station so waited for over 30 min delay.
    Took Blue for a swim on the beach, its very handy to the campsite which along with the train station being yds away are really all the campsite has going for it.

    Today we left Antibes and took the winding road up over the mountain to Castallane. Some lovely views but unfortunately wasnt able to take any photos of the sheer drop down. A quick lunch and walk around the town and we were on the move again. Have stopped at an aire (Sisterton) No water point anymore and guess what we never filled up before we left the campsite. Im guessing my 2013 France Aires book is outdated.
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  7. After researching info tegarding parking near Monaco I read on Trip advisor about a campsite at Villefranche sur mer so ask Alan to guide us there. Now there has to besomethong said in favour of the cheap truck sat nav V car Tomtom. We drive tgroufh Nice into Villefranche sur mer. No idea what happened but we ended up down really tight windy roads til we reach a car park on the front beach with a height barrier and traffic trying to come out and others queuing behind us so the road soon became gridlocked with several people getting irate at us and blasting their horns. Eventually I watch as Alan just scrapes by getting his MH round the tiny turning circle thats packed with Mbikes. Its my turn now but Vanessa is 2ft longer so no way am I going to make it. Imgetting really stressed and people seem to be amused taking photos of Vanessa and the gridlock ive caused. Im now in the F**k it frame of mind, the police will come sooner or later. After what must have been another 15mins or so later a MBike moves so with a million point turn back and forth I eventually get turned around just as the police arrive. Im hot andstressed and certainly not in the mood for jay walkers in this beach street. I see a Celebrity cruise ship in port and wish I was on it. We seem to have spent hrs travelling from Port Grimaud to nowhere as we now head back the way and find a dingy campsite in Antibes at €20.50 plus 2 for dog, no elec and no water but its convienent for trains.
    We park up and Alan and I decide to go out for dinner. We arrive at the nearby restaurant but the menu is all in french and ive been stressed enough today so we leave and find another nearby restaurant that has a menu in English. Food and service was good.
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  8. THURS When we decided to stop in Port Grimaud for the week I thought it would be a good base for exploring Nice and Monaco..How wrong was I...They are too far away to use public transport so 4 days later we are raring to go but not leaving til our week is up on Sunday.

    Hung around pool in morning. Seeked out a beach for Blue in afternoon.
    Well an action packed day. Took Blue to swim in the beach at Port Cogolin. The sand was very grainy but the water was surprisingly warm. Got a few wee video clips so Im happy :)
    Home for lunch then we paid €25 and hired a boat for a half hr trip through the bridges at Port Grimaud. Really stunning when the skies are blue and not a cloud in sight. Came home and picked up the bikes and cycled the 7k to St Maxine. Stopped at the beach, had a wee rest and paddle before heading back. Thank goodness for electric bikes, I was knackered pedalling.
    The campsite restaurant was offering Friday night Fish n chips, right up mums street. It was due to be my one night of cooking dinner out of the week but when asked if Id prefer to go out for dinner I jumped at the chance. Another night of not cooking Yaay!:) Half past 9 saw me in bed and by 9.32 I was apparently out and snoring while Blue was farting. What a combination lol.

    SAT 19th Sept
    Its our last day in Port Grimaud so decided to take advantage of the weather and try and get those blue tinges banished once and for all for a while so we spent the day at the pool. Never managed to wriggle out cooking dinner so out came the cadac.
    At night we took Blue a walk and went for a game of pool. I got well beat :-(
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  9. So some of my blog has ended up as a comment. Not to worry I will get the hang of it when
    its time to come home.

    Mon 14th Sept

    Took the bikes into Port Grimaud for a wee nosey around. Well impressed, its like a wee mini Venice im told. Went back a walk in the afternoon so the oldies could see it. We took the tourist train around but really it went nowhere of any interest. Think they have created a trip out of nothing but still it past an hour or so.
    Mon evening sat chilling around MH.

    Took the boat from Port Grimaud to St Tropez to go to the market. A nice wee ride for €12 return. Off to the campsite bar later to listen to some live entertainment.
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  10. Had a nice walk around the war museum and a stroll along the beach in Dunkirk. Dropped my phone and it smashed and broke so had to use mums. Still undecided where to go but decided to head to Belgium. We arrive at the aire in Tournai only to find its taken up by a carnival but there is a makeshift one close by so all good. The weather is raining so it's just like being back in Glasgow :-(


    Indecisive me has changed my mind again and in search of sun we head south and arrive some hrs later at Reims. The aire is full so we head another half hr south. Arrive at the sire to be metcwith anither carnival but we park up closeby along yhr river.

    We head to Dijon. I'm hoping to get my mobile phone fixed here. The aire is closed so we go into campsite. 20 euros a night for 2mhs on one large pitch. Well chuffed. A cycle into Dijon and we find the mobile phone shop but it's closed. :-( aah well back to the MH for some wine and a BBQ :)


    A cycle into the city followed later by a walk to city and some 200 euros later I now have a working phone. Almost the cost of a new one but hey I needed it working so had to pay. The oldies have walked well today. Now to sit and see where we decide to get off to tomorrow.
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  11. Yaaay. We are on the ferry heading to Dunkirk. We tried to get on the 10pm ferry but when we were told it was an extra £100 ...Don't think so, hey I'm a typical Scotland after all. Well at least they let us go on the midnight ferry for free instead of the 2 am booking.
    In need of a good sleep and still completely undecided which way we will travel. Will decide tomorrow .
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  12. Yaaay. We are on the ferry heading to Dunkirk. We tried to get on the 10pm ferry but when we were told it was an extra £100 ...Don't think so, hey I'm a typical Scot after all. Well at least they let us go on the midnight ferry for free instead of the 2 am booking.
    In need of a good sleep and still completely undecided which way we will travel. Will decide tomorrow .
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