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  1. After a few magical mystery tours courtisy of the Sat Nav.What started as a 45 minute journey took 3 hours.We arrived at the show at 6 pm and were met by the delightful Karen ,she had one of her lads escort us to the public camping field .We had a choice of pitches ,so we pitched at the end of the field. Nice neighbours.
    Though did feel a bit like Billy no mates when the daughter of one of the neighbours arrived to one look at our dogs and insisted her father moved.( think it may have been an own goal , the man they moved next to had been chasing his escapee not 30mins before she arrived).
    The rather scary journey to the site in our left hooker gave me time to name our 26 foot Hymer. She is hence forth to be referred to as Jezabel. You will not believe the cars she slithered by when the Sat Nav took us through lanes and villages a lighter van would balk at.There was a time that I seriously considered getting out the coconut oil and greasing the sides. George spent 3 hrs listening to me cringe and mentally sucking in the sides of the MH to become less than her Rubinesque self.There were a few ashen faced drivers, but not a mark or dent on anything. OH does however agree that we find another way home.
    The show was a little less than usual mainly due to the Dorset steam Fair changing its date to the bank holiday. And there was a wings and wheels on close by. But for me it was superb .
    The band the first night was good and 50s classics were played well for a change.Bar prices were about average and there were a few food consessions open and there appeared to be quite a few people taking advantage of them.
    Thomas the tank engine is parked 2 vans up from us (the grand children will be so envyious) There are model boats and a woodman burning wood candles these are apparently split 2/3rds dowm with a chainsaw and either charcoal or firefighter put in the centre and lit.Very nice.
    Have had a look around the stalls, as is usual for these steam fairs there is a lot of tat, but a few gems to be found if your vigilant.
    I have to say that the prices were good unlike the over inflated robbery of the Dorset SF . I hope that the traders and exhibitor that jumped ship this season will return to Rudgwick. This is a lovely place run by a smashing family with true family values. How Steam and country fairs are supposed to be.what a shame it would be to lose out to the money grubbing emporium of DSF.
    I remember when the DSF was like Rudgwick unfortunately that was a very long time ago. I bought my flag pole at Rudgwick for£10 ,someone I met on Bank holiday Monday said she had bought exactly the same one for£25. At Dorset the day before.
    Think I may just be back at Rudgwick next year .It may not be totally buzzing but the bands weren't bad ,booze was £5.50 for half a cider and a malabu and coke. Found 2 places I could eat from safely without being glutened. Even on a rainy Sunday it wAs nice despite the fact that I ended up drowned saving the awning . Camping was reasonable ,toilets clean ,so my husband said , I went to use them at 9 am and they weren't . 10am is another story apparently