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    After a couple of nights in Passau it was time to head for our pre arranged camping site in the Czech Republic and the start of the Tandem rally, Czech Republic is a country we have not been to before and one that required motorhomes over 3.5 tonnes to use a Premid box much like the GoBox for Austria, Jen is a bit of a worrier so all this new stuff together with the fact that we were going to go through a tiny part of Austria and I had no intention of getting a GoBox when we were going nowhere near a motorway had her wel and truly twitchy.
    The drive out of Passau following the Danube for a while was lovely and then while still in Germany we passed the first Czech/Austrian toll box station but I didn't want to get one until we were properly into the Czech Republic, She soon calmed down when we hit Austria and drove through some typical Austrian rolling countryside and we were obviously not going to go anywhere near a motorway.
    We crossed the border on a relatively minor road but just a few hundred metres across the border and in the middle of nowhere there was a small shopping complex which without stopping looked like it was 99% tat.
    Our destination was Frymburk on the side of Lake Lipno and as we followed the river towards the lake it was total chaos with canoeists and white water rafters carrying their boats up and down the road, as a retired white water canoeist I was getting quite excited and trying to look at the river which looked like a quality bit of continuous white water.
    Eventually it all calmed down a bit and we entered the town at the foot of the lake and followed an superb road along the lakeside with an excellent cycle and roller blade path between us and the lake, this is fully surfaced and illuminated at night.
    Anyway we got to the site courtesy of the Co-Pilot sat nav app that I down loaded before leaving as our TomTom app does not do Czech Republic, as a side issue I am getting used to Co-Pilot and it has some good features so I wil have to see which one I go back to when we get home.
    The site camping Frymburk is Dutch owned and they speak English so no problems checking in, we are certainly not the best linguists around but it has to be said that the Czech language is not the easiest to pick up so if English doesn't get you what you want a bit of German usually works, we have learned the basics please, thank you, yes, no Coffee and Beer, white wine in "bile vino".
    Anyway back to the site and I think the pictures will speak for themselves.







    Well we did come here for the Tandem rally so it's only right that we actually get out on the bike, we arrived on the Saturday so the short Sunday ride was about 28 miles, by this time and by the power of the internet I had worked out that all the white water mayhem down the road was a Czech national slalom event for which they open the sluices of the dame and let lots of water down, running parallel to this is the rafting and general white water playing about further downstream as it would be a shame to waste the water.


    Cramming onto the ferry to start the first ride around the bottom half of the lake and the white water bit.

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  2. Well it's a new year and possibly I should learn about blogging, so here goes.

    We are Martin and Jen we have a Niesmann and Bischoff Flair 8000i (hence the Funflair) View attachment 51396

    This is us, yes we can "ride tandem" and it is our usual mode of transport for shopping and sight seeing once we are parked up.

    Heading through France to Spain in February so will update this (if my first attempt is successful)


    Well as you can see most of the year has passed Spain came and went and no more entries from me so obviously not enough dedication.

    So it's August and we don't normally go abroad in August too hot, too busy, too expensive and too much going on in the garden BUT we wanted to go to the international tandem rally at Frymburk in the South of the Czech Republic so off we go.

    We got the ferry Hull Zeebrugge and straight across into Germany spending the first night on the Rhine at Konigswinter, nothing special but free Stellplatz so can't complain, and a local had parked up an old Cou liner.


    We then decided as we could not visit Dusseldorf caravan salon we would park at the Concorde factory Stellplatz at Aschbach/Schlusselfeld, big spaces of course and surrounded by all manner of Concorde, overnight/early morning everybody gets bread rolls left on their step courtesy of Concorde, very nice. Phoenix motorhomes are literally next door and Morelo are about 5 miles down the road.

    On the left is a Concorde Cruiser with a Tesla electric car on a Trailer.

    Our timing for this was impeccable as Phoenix were closed for annual summer holidays, Concorde were closed for holidays and the showroom was closed for two days for dealer orientation prior to Dusseldorf show, Morelo were also closed but the sales manager was around and was very hospitable showing us into one of their LOFT models.
    Just before we left the Concorde Stellplatz the Phoenix factory started to line up all the models that they were taking to Dusseldorf, I don't know if it traditional to wind up the competition like that.

    image.jpg New Phoenix ready for Dusseldorf parked at Concorde Stellplatz.

    We decided to head for Passau to get into the South of the Czech Republic via a little bit of Austria, but not enough to need a "Go Box".
    Passau is a lovely town and you could certainly spend some time there, the Cathedral of St Stephen is well worth a visit and has the largest organ in Europe which you can pay to listen to twice a day.
    There are three Stellplatz to choose from the largest takes 50 motorhomes or more is free and about 2km walk to town but no services at all, the other two are closer, you pay but they do have services the one by the coach park is not very nice, by far the nicest is the Ilzbrucke one which is very close to the main town as well, driving through Passau and to any of these parking places is a doddle. I use Campercontact app most of the time for the Aires and Stellplatz.


    This is the largest Stellplatz


    The tower of St Stephens Cathedral


    Inside (obviously)


    The organ.

    Passau is on the confluence of three rivers the Danube the Inn and the much smaller Ilz, you can walk through the old town to the joining point of the Danube and the Inn but if you climb the steps to the castle you can get a good view of the waters joining as they each run a different colour.


    The joining of the waters. Lower picture left to right Inn, Danube and Ilz.

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