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  1. OK lets be honest. This is not the greatest part of Europe to visit in motorhome, especially at this time of the year. But when you want to spend as long as possible in Crete and still be home for xmas then sometimes compromises have to be made.

  2. We are now in the land of the MackieD and our first stop is Europe's oldest lake and at 1,000 deep one of its least shallow. It;s a stunner and you can read it here

  3. We visit Greece's second city before heading north to Albania and Macedonia. Lots to see.
  4. A short worded pictorial heavy whizz around the Palace of Knossos in Crete.
  5. At the end of out two months visit to Crete. To say it has been fabulous would be an understatement. This place is a motorhoming dream.
    Enjoy and thanks for reading
  6. We have now just spent a lovely time in the hippy town of Matala made famous by Joni Mitchell. You can read all about it here

    We also visit the beach at Preveli. Is it any good?

  7. Firstly we are in Chania, crete's second city and some say its prettiest with its Venetian harbour. Then off to Stavros where they filmed Zorba the Greek. The weather here is still in the mid twenties and we cannot get enough of this fabulous place.

  8. After 2 and half years bobbing around Europe we meet our favourite seaside town. Ever.

  9. !6km of tough walking down one of Europe's best walks. See the pics, read the words and look at all the fitnesss data provided by the Fitbit. :):):)

  10. Join us as we overnight on Europes best beach. But what is our opinion.

  11. It's still sunny and we still wild camp every day here. Read about our first part of Southern Crete.
  12. Follow our trip around the Eastern Part of Crete. Enjoy.
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  13. We have finished with Albania we have made it across to Crete. We always said Greece was the best place in Europe with a homie. Well Crete is even better

  14. We have reached the end of our trip through Albania. A great place to visit in a homie. And it just may just have the best coastline in Europe.
  15. Within half an hour we go from Beers with Aussies to a raging torrent. Watch the video and see why you should never park in a dry river bed. Plus other fun tales from Albania.
    Thanks for dropping by