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  1. Follow our trip around the Eastern Part of Crete. Enjoy.
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  2. We have finished with Albania we have made it across to Crete. We always said Greece was the best place in Europe with a homie. Well Crete is even better

  3. We have reached the end of our trip through Albania. A great place to visit in a homie. And it just may just have the best coastline in Europe.
  4. Within half an hour we go from Beers with Aussies to a raging torrent. Watch the video and see why you should never park in a dry river bed. Plus other fun tales from Albania.
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  5. We have left the Accursed Mountains and headed for the UNESCO town of Berat with a brief entry into Tirana.

  6. Read about our trip along the magnificant Lake Koman. You may even spot a vehicle you may have had stolen
  7. Kotor and Ulcinj are the places we visit in Montenegro
  8. We visit Sarajevo, Mostar and Trebinj on our journey through the mishmash of a country.
  9. We are back on a trip. This time to Crete. The first leg takes across germany to Croatia.
  10. Our final destination in Norway. The stunning Lofoten Islands. Worth the drive? probably
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  11. Is this the best of Norway. It is so far. Fantastic. We even made a video of us looping the loop inside a tunnel. Watch and enjoy

    Eamonn & Tracy
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  12. Continuing our jourd through beautiful Fjord Norway

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  13. More sunshine in Norway as we cross the Snow Road on our journey North. Stunning Landscapes to be seen
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  14. Is this the most beautiful ferry trip in the world?

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  15. Watch us drive our motorhome down the 13 hairpin bend in the place Kaiser Bill called the most beautiful in the world.