The tickets arrived yesterday for the Newark Meet. Looks like it will be a good event and plenty to do over the weekend. Hoping to meet many funsters and get our smiley sticker.:Smile:
Busy get the old girl up and ready now. Going to take her away next weekend just to get her in the mood,Hope the weather improves for everyone.

Just fitted a new alternator and shes not screaming now everytime we come to a roundabout or slow down for traffic lights. Also started to refurbish the bathroom and shower. Could be a big job but never mind be worth it in the long run.:Laughing:
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  1. Booked to attend the Newark Rally.This is our 1st and we are looking forward to meeting some of the funsters.
    We would appreciate any tips on etiquette.
    We are hoping to have a great weekend and our old motorhome will have to cope without a EHU for her first time.:Cool: