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  1. Another day in paradise! Took Maggie in to get her monitor fixed and a few other bits...well United Caravans have no experience in Motorhomes and after £250 all I seem to get was a fitted microwave and a tv bracket. Gas detector, still not working, monitor, still not working, gas bottle not replaced, basically nothing. I was bloody furious so back to square one! Need to find a descent motor home repair person in Newcastle! Anyway went to Autosounds and the monitor is cuput. Just bought one on ebay for £30 so they said for £60 they could fit it, better than spending another £300. Maggie is becoming more expensive than the kids!! Maggie and I decided that we would pull up in a field and contemplate. Unfortunately the grass was wet and a very kind man towed us out! Now after some well needed help I am going to attempt to work out what an inverter is and how I can get the tv to work without a hook up! One day I will be super queen Motorhome guru, currently I am a numpty! Well better get on and work out this digi box and inverter converter thingy me bob.
  2. This hopefully will be something I will look back upon and laugh about how useless and nieve I was!!

    15th May 2012
    Down at Measham BCA Car Auctsions bidding on my perfect motorhome......1 hour later I walk away totally gutted as i was outbid and Neil told me that my budget was my budget and not a penny more! Usually i can wangle a bit more but when you are spending this kind of money he just would not budge. As iw as driving back to Newcastle, totally deflated I remembered the Hobby I had seen on ebay.....mmm....3 hours later I was in Halifax looking over this 4 year old hobbie...something was not quite right but I really liked it. The seller was based in what only could be discribed as a scrap yard. Then he mentioned that the milage had not been clocked! 5000 miles. Ok not a good idea. Got home and felt so depressed, at 11pm I was going through the internet and noticed "my maggie" i just thought....thats the one and after haggling (trade in at a car showroom for a range rover!) 4 hours later Maggie was home.

    Two days later.....£1299 on insurance.....We went on our first adventure.......mmm.....not quite what I imadgined!!! There was the 2.5m bridge down a small road with a 3 meter Maggie, oh and reversing into a farmers gate and totally demolishing it, oh and lets not forget the reverse camera that is knackered....also the fact the kids left the stairs down which ended up embeded in a wall! Oh and having no idea what the hell I was doing and forgot to fill her with water! Putting that aside it was a fantastic feeling. Learning from my first weekend I decided that welllll, lets just take four kids away and spend the night on Duridge Bay nature reserve for a night. Off we went at 11am! Got there eventually, forgot to mention Maggie has a german sat nav which dated back to 2005 and was black and white with a monitor 1 inch by 6! Thus got totally bloody lost....Anyway back to weekend two. Things were going really well, I still had no idea how to work Maggie but we were next to a lovely lake, kids in the water.....just perfect! 7pm we noticed 5 lads hanging around with beer. We were on our own in a secluded area, my girls were all in the water in t shirts. The park closes at 9pm and is locked (agreed with warden to stay) 8:55 they were mortal and making comments about the kids,. The warden arrived at 9pm and I explained what was happening. The lovely guy said he knew somewhere next to the beach where it would be lovely to stay. Unfortunately the warden did not catch them. Wellllll we arrived at the beach and it was breathtaking..... Unfortunately there was another motorhome parked blocking some of the view but hey ho,,,,,waking up to the sea..... Yes perfect. The couple introduced themselves, lovely old man about 70 helped me as somehow I had ran the leisure battery to the minimum!!! At least i had candles. The kids loved it and the couple were very kind. Next morning I cuddled them both and thanked them...Then the dirty old git grabbed my butt" Well I was in shock. We left rather swiftly.

    Cant wait until my next adventure!:Rofl1: