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  1. After reading the full timers section I couldnt help but feal a little bit sad as I too have been guilty in the past of buying in order to get that or doing this and we could have kind of thing. I am a good few years away from hanging up the boots and have 4 kids who are making noises about leaving the nest. I am lucky to have a nice house and 4 kids with the youngest 9 years old. Despite all the wee voices saying dont do it I have traded in my 6 berth compas in for a new 4 berth Mohawk we took all the bells and whistles with the van. Working in manufacturing which is a battle ground at the moment I have opted to throw caution to the wind and go for it, The dogs are getting pet passports and the open road awaits. I am a seasoned Caravaner and have toured in a MH to Italy last year. I am not packing up my life and going on tour but am entering a new chapter so here goes. The van is ready 14.05.10, I thought I would get my intoduction down and see where I end up!