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  1. I hadn’t planned to buy another van yet though my partner and I have been looking for the last few months. We had been out for the day visiting my partners mum who is in a care home in Swanick Derbyshire and thought we would call around to Motor home plus in Derby on our way home.
    Just over a week ago we went to a small exhibition of motor homes at Denby Pottery and saw one we liked, well not exactly, I think it was the model up or it could have been last years model.
    Anyway the sales man said if we were interested they would be having that other model coming into their showroom in a week or so.
    My partner like it straight away and if the woman’s happy then so is I.

    We have a Peugeot Compass Rambler 130 model now; owned it for nearly two years and travelled eight thousand pleasurable miles in and around the British Isles but not Ireland yet.
    The only draw back with this model is making the bed up every evening it was becoming a bind.
    Ok, one could if one liked sleep in the coffin over the cab but we find that sleeping area rather cramped, its spacious enough if one is single or for two children but for two adults to sleep up there it’s rather, as I say cramped, especially for the one who gets the blunt end.

    I didn’t realise until I went to look on the Internet that the Cotswold F/B Autosleeper has won several awards, anyway I haven’t got a date yet to pick it up, the sales person said it would take up to and no more then ten days to complete my order.
    Is now planning our first trip out in it and it could be Ireland with my partners conjoined twin later this year but I think I might be able to fit a small trip out before that adventure begins..

    I nearly forgot to tell you, I got twenty six thousand pounds for my trade in, six months ago I was offered twenty one thousand, I paid nearly two years ago twenty five for it, its on a 57 plate basically two years free motoring.

    Bip. :thumb:
  2. I’ve started the construction of a raised vegetable patch just big enough I hope not to be much trouble and large enough to give us enough vegetables for several months each year.
    I’m not one for gardening hence its size, I’m secretly hoping my partner will take more of a interest than I, but if push comes to shove then I suppose I will have to look after it making sure we have enough potatoes for our needs,

    I’ve given Abby Drives and paid a deposit for them to re-landscape my front garden and driveway with this imprinted coloured concrete, they did the same at my previous property. Don’t ask how much it’s costing, I’ve only just recovered from writing out the deposit cheque.
    I’ve also ordered the metal gates I want from a local firm [wollaton gates and fabrications ltd.] he’s told me they should be ready to install in about five weeks, that was a week ago.
    Again pictures to follow.

    I am expecting the two seated leather recliner being delivered Friday, that’s the day they said it should be delivered after a months delay, their excuse was the boat was late sailing from Italy.

    My daughter has taken back her gas Bar B Q, so now I’m in the market for a replacement, been looking but non as yet have taken my fancy.
    The neighbours who’s garden backs onto my garden have one that they don’t use, I’ve seen it when I’ve been nosy by looking over my fence into their garden, its tucked up against my fencing, its been there for at least two summers and has not moved. Should I go round to theirs and ask if they would like to sell it or even give it to me?

    Just had a phone call from the people I ordered my leather two seat recliner from, they have now given me Saturday for delivery as a pose to this Friday, at least I know now the boat safely docked.

    Bip. :thumb:

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  3. Bip
    I gather that you are using my name in order to stir up trouble on Facebook.
    This is illegal, and, as you have already had a caution from the Long
    Eaton Police, I won't hesitate to get them involved again, with the
    inevitable consequences that would result with regard to this. My
    local police force are familiar with your antics and are good friends
    of mine, I would suggest that you cease doing this immediately unless
    you want to suffer the stigma of having a criminal record for the rest
    of your life.
    I haven't bothered you for a while, but you continue to be a
    troublemaker for reasons that are beyond me, given your age, I'm
    completely baffled by your behaviour.
    Grow up and get a life Bip, nobody cares about you anymore.

    What can one say to the above apart from here we go again.
    The above was sent to me in an email a couple of days ago.
    Yep the Braintree gob is flexing his big mouth.
    This isn’t the first time he’s laid a threat at my door, he’s been slandering me in open forum but I’ve been ignoring his ranting but one can only take so much, if he does bring the police at my door he’s going to get a big shock, it will be me who will be taking action against him.
    Any advice from readers to how to handle this latest threat would be grateful.
    By the way, I know nothing about what he is ranting on about.
    Any lawyers out there who would like to deal with this twat, unfortunately there is no money in it for you.

  4. I was dreading the worst but it was ok, the dentist never hurt me once, apart from when I had to go and pay the bill at reception.
    I had two very small filling done; both were filled with a cosmetic filling the sort that looks like your own teeth colour.
    Twenty-nine pounds it cost, I was in the chair for about twenty minutes.
    The dentists waiting room was empty when I had arrived apart from a lady who had one of those metal walking sticks with her, I would say she was in her early forties.
    We started to chat after a short time to bide away the minutes before one of us would be called in to the chair.
    She was very talkative and told me more or less her life story, how she had been around the world with her abusive husband whom she isn’t married to any more.
    She told me how she had smashed her skull on a curbstone when she accidentally fell, and how near she came to being dead.
    She said it was touch and go if she would make it through the operation, she even insisted I touch her head to feel the metal plates that the doctors had used to stop her brain from falling out.
    I felt right sorry for her, she must have had a nightmare of a marriage living with a husband who constantly told her she was useless and she ought to have died on the operating table.
    I never enquired how long she was marriage to him but from what she told me I would guess about twenty years.
    Did I tell you a few weeks ago my computer refused to boot but before that happened I had down loaded all my pictures off my hard drive?
    I thought I had, it turns out I hadn’t.
    I don’t know how it happened but about twenty folders worth of photos were lost.
    I had downloaded my entire picture collection onto four CD discs, one disc only had empty folders on, and how they became empty, I haven’t the foggiest.
    The three other discs’ were fine, the folders on them were full.
    I’m not upset anymore just disappointed that I have lost all the pictures I took of the restoration of the bungalow I’m in and many more of the touring holidays I have had when I was living on my own.
    I have no record now it’s all gone; I’m only left with the memories.

    Bip. :thumb:
  5. They’ve been at it again, giving me abuse and for what.
    I had to laugh and I feel sorry too for rainbow who has been banned, he was mistaken for being me.
    I’ve told you lot before that bunch of reprobates who run that local Nostalgia site here in Nottingham are neurotic in the extreme, they see a shadow behind every door.

    Below is the statement written out by one of their members, the one I’ve told you about who now thinks he runs the site and in doing so can say whatever he likes well he can’t, because his post was taken down not long after he had posted it, fortunately I was browsing the site at the same time, I copied the post and is saving it for future reference like now and when the police come calling again.

    They say money comes in one hand and is taken by the other, which was true for me the other day.
    I had been to the dentist for a check up and he found I needed a filling doing so I paid for the check up and made another appointment for the filling.
    The very next day I got two cheques from Ernie, he doesn’t send me cheques as often as he use to only because the prize money has been cut down to £25 for the lowest win as a pose to £50 before the bubble burst.
    The cost of the filling is £45 the two cheques totalled £50.

    I have also been to have my blood taken, one unit to be precise [whatever that is these days]
    Its my 76th unit, I started giving blood only as a time waster from work, the company I worked for in the 60s let us off work with pay to give blood that’s how I became a blood donor.
    A friend of mine who passed away three years ago told me about it, it sounded great, time off with pay and while there a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit after.
    I gave blood twice a year back then but it wasn’t until I left work that I found out one can give a donation three times a year.
    In those days back in the early sixties, it was a ten-minute steady walk to the place they were set up at, an hour to have the blood taken and a ten-minute steady walk back to the factory.
    I hadn’t made an appointment this time so I had a wait of forty minutes, if one books an appointment it can take even less time to go through the whole process, but I have found that’s not always the case, just depends if they are busy.
    In the old days when one gave blood one was moved to lay down on another bed where one was left to rest for at least fifteen minutes after ones blood was taken, these days one is lucky if you have five minutes rest, more like two is the norm.
    Tea and Biscuits are still the order of the day afterwards and I must say the selection of biscuits have much been improved on.
    Forgot to mention I’m one of the rare blood groups, only 7% of people have the same blood group as me, my mother had an even rarer blood group; she had to carry a card with her to identify her as a rare blood group.

    Below is the post I was telling you about at the beginning of my blog.....Bip:Rofl1:

    I'm still here, I note that things don't change, that lying, pathetic, ignorant, lunatic, moron from Sawley has clearly escaped from his institutional detention and continues to adopt different aliases and post the usual crap, Happy Birthday by the way, I hope it's your last.
    I'm currently trying to get my existing modem to work on a new computer, it doesn't want to know, otherwise I'm busy on the allotment, or trying to exist.
    These library computers are pathetic, they don't work properly and I have a limited time on them, this means more important jobs take precedent over Nottstalgia.
    Thats all for now, see you around.
  6. 25 May at 14:27 Report
    GO Fcku YOURSELF !!

    Dennis 25 May at 14:41
    Now thats not very nice is it John Boy?
    I would have though a man of your education could have thought of something nicer to say.

    Above is a answer I got from a friends request on Facebook the other day, the chap in question runs that site I was tell you all about, the site where he says good night to himself, well he did until I mentioned to him how ridiculous it sounded to anyone who reads it.
    The site in question has gone very quite since he banned Pinocchio and dezzey, in my book he deserves to have the site fail if that’s his attitude to everyone who just asks a few questions, even his coal and mining site has died, do I need to say more.
    Basically who wants to be a member on any of his sites especially when he wants the last word on every topic, lets face it it’s nice to be wrong every now and then makes one feel human but not him he’s so righteous its unbelievable, you could say he’s a mine of information.

    Had an estimate for the work I want doing on my driveway and front garden area the other day.
    Abbydrives want six grand to do the work, it didn’t come as a surprise when he told me, they charged me three and a half grand at my previous house and my daughters cost her four and a half grand, so six grand for mine was I thought quite reasonable.
    Not booked in the job just yet, was hoping to get another estimate but the company I have contacted to give me another ballpark figure haven’t got back to me yet.

    I have an appointment at the blood donors today, both my dental appointment and my blood donors appointment clashed so I have decided to go to one of the earlier suggested dates they gave me.

    Below is my original request to be his friend I’ll leave it to you to make your own mind up if I deserved the above abuse..:thumb:

    Denis Gulding25 May at 14:38
    Hi John hows things?
    I read your site is flourishing...well it was until old friends stopped talking, what's it like saying good-night John boy to yourself?
    Are all your friends on there as friendly as Jane the pain?
    She needs a bullet to the head after that comment she made to Pinocchio after he had been banned for nothing at all.
    Anyway john boy i hope your site picks up and it dosn't go the way of all your previous

    25 May at 14:42 Report
    Dennis/pinnochio/miss piggy or whatever, just don't worry yourself about my sites. Now if you persist in harassing me here, I will report you to FB management and get you banned from here.
  7. I had to make this appointment if not I would be looking for another dentist.
    I walked into the dentist’s reception with two minutes to spare, lady on reception said ‘can I help you? Yes says I!
    I have an appointment for ten forty five, the name is Mr Magoo, ‘not really even though sometimes that name suits me.
    Take a seat says she!
    The reception area was empty; I was the only one seated.
    I had sat for five minutes when an elderly lady walked in, she was asked the same question I was asked, she too took a seat.
    I had noticed when I walked in that the receptionist was on the phone, she was still on the phone when the older lady walked in, it sounded much like she was having an intimate conversation with a man.
    On the waiting room notice board there was an A4 peace of paper pinned up with six drawing pins, it read that there had been 361 missed appointments, which related to 39 hours and 40 minutes wasted dental time, by this time I had sat for 17 minutes, 15 minutes over my allotted appointment time, I felt like saying to the receptionist what about the time I’ve wasted setting here over the many years I have been coming to this place.
    I had sat for 20 minutes before I saw the dentist, he asked me to take a seat and said ‘have you filled in the form and where is it? I said what form? ‘The form the receptionist should have given you to fill in, she hasn’t given me a form!
    He had a word with his assistant, he seemed not to understand what the dentist was talking about, I thought this is cleaver, this place has gone right down hill since the last time I was here.
    I said to the dentist, your receptionist was to busy on the phone to her fancy man to be bothered with any forms, ‘he made a strange grunt, I took from that grunt he knew exactly what I was driving at.
    The elderly lady who followed me in a little after me wasn’t given a form either.
    The form duly arrived and I signed it only after he had asked some questions regarding my health and if I was allergic to anything.
    He found two cavities; one that needs filling the other isn’t to bad at the moment
    In total the check up cost me 16 pounds and he never offered to clean my teeth, I insisted they were cleaned the last time I went for a check up, that was over a year ago.
    The treatment I need doing is going to cost 45 smackers and I’m booked in for next month, I’ll let you know how I get on the day after I have been.

  8. As you can see from pictures attached the tide has gone out leaving a gravelled beach!
    From a tatty looking lawn [if one could call it a lawn] to what you see below.
    The gavel came in three one-ton bags and I had shifted it in two hours in Friday heat too.
    I paid for it the next day though, slight back and side ache but the ache was gone by Sunday when I took my first flying lesson at Wickenby Airdrome in Lincolnshire.

    My partner and I set out minus my partner’s conjoined twin [she was coming with us] at just after nine Sunday morning, we took the van for an airing, but before I could I called around to Asda to put some diesel in, didn’t fill her up I just put enough in for the purpose.
    My flying lesson was booked in for eleven and I was told when my partner phoned before we set off that we should be there ten minutes beforehand.
    We arrived at ten forty, ten minutes in hand, just enough time to have a stretch and a pee.
    I was quite surprised on how the Cessna 152 handled, it was very responsive to the stick controls, one only had to turn the stick to the left or right and the aircraft reacted to ones commands straight away.
    It was the same for the nose up and nose down command [must apologise if I’m not using the right technical terms but this was my first lesson]
    We did a circuit and a half of the airfield flying over Market Raisan horse racing track and the golf course, on our final approach to the airfield the pilot let me take the controls, he said ‘do you see the runway in the distance? I said yes, I could just see it through the haze. He said ‘then take the controls and head for that.
    He cut the revs on the engine and we descended down to one thousand feet from where we were at fifteen hundred. The airstrip got closer and closer, I was fighting the controls just to keep her level with a slight nose up attitude, the instructor said to me ‘relax don’t hold the controls so tight, he must have seen my white knuckles.
    Just before we touched down he took over, he made it look so easy, I had brought the little Cessna 152 within thirty feet from the ground and a hundred yards from the beginning of the runway.
    I immediately said to my partner when I had got out of the very small and tight cockpit ‘I want one.
    Lets sell the van and buy one.
    I was told by the bloke that is going out with my partners conjoined twin that I could get a licence to fly a powered micro light [Thruster] for about three grand but a licence to fly a Cessna would cost about five.
    We both thoroughly enjoyed the day out and I hope to be in the air again but this time at the side of my partners conjoined twins boyfriend, he has said he will take me up with him the next time he’s flying, can’t wait…
    My partner won’t be going up with him because she’s frightened of heights even though she enjoys holiday jet flying, she won’t sit next to a window I get that treat..


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  9. He’s talking to himself now that Pinocchio and Dezzy have been banned by him from that web site that’s on my previous blog, check it out you’ll see what I mean, he’s even saying good night to himself, what a sad twat he is?
    The gravel I ordered the other day is coming tomorrow, I’ve ordered three tons, lets hope that’s enough. The firm that’s delivering it got in touch with me this morning.
    I’ve laid the blue sheeting I pinch from outside of a house the other day, from my kitchen window it looks like I have an outside swimming pool… to follow..

  10. Not been here for a while because I’ve been chatting on another web site to a refugee of the united Kingdom, he prefers to be alone in the middle of nowhere in a shack of his own making made from sticks or as they could wood over there in the US Lumber.
    He has that web address below, check it out and I bet you come to the same conclusion as I have, a pathetic little site, he’s just banned me for nothing, told you all earlier those that belong to that bigger site are all neurotics and he’s one of them…..

    My garden project is going fine, I’ve cemented in the edging that I need for when my gravel is delivered Friday, the matting I’m using I pinched from outside of a house that is having an extension built, sure they won’t miss it.
    The picture below is of how my garden looks before the gravel is laid after pictures to follow… :thumb:

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  11. We are back! But at one point we thought we wouldn’t be, thought we would get stuck out there for at least another week which in my book wouldn’t have been any hardship due to me being retired but my partner isn’t, that would have made things a little different I suppose.
    Volcanic dust or not the prices of food, beer and clothes isn’t cheap on the island of fuerteventura, there was nothing in their supermarkets that was unless one drank the supermarket home label beer, similar to what one gets here in Tesco’s or Asda.
    For a large bottle of San Miguel one was paying anywhere from one euro seventy to two euros forty, it was the same in the bars, some was actually dearer than the bar in our hotel and that was a four star.
    One bar we visited most afternoons had a happy hour from ten in the morning until eleven at night and was selling the local brew of ‘Tropical’ for three euros for two pints, all that stopped two days before we were due to fly back, reason being the main Holiday season had started and prices went back to ripping the tourist off once again, it was obvious if one wants cheap beer one needs to stick to mainland Spain and not bother with the islands. Fuerteventura will be nice once it’s finished much like most of the islands in the Mediterranean.
    The hotel was spotlessly clean and so was the rooms, the food was brilliant but could at times be not as hot as one would have liked, a lot of the food was kept under heat lights which in my opinion were not hot enough.
    The variety of food dish’s were good too, basically something for everyone’s taste, I would definitely go back to that hotel again, we both agreed on that.

    Ok who’s going to own up to this one…. see picture below.
    Spotted it in a car park just two hundred yards from our hotel.
    It never moved all the time we were there and on closer inspection looked as if it hadn’t seen the open road for some time.
    I was quite surprised to see this one too…. see second picture.
    An English registration and again this Motor Home never moved either all the time we were there.


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  12. :cry:The statement below has made my blood boil, the tosser who wrote it is making me out to be the bad guy here, when all I was doing was fighting my corner when there were four rabbid dogs taking mouth fulls of flesh out of my body just for defending what I was writing in my blog section.
    The twat who wrote it is now licking the bill payers ar5e that’s obvious from what he has over exagerated, I find myself now in a possion that I can’t defend myself, is that fear? The emails I sent out weren’t threatening or slanderless, they were just a few home truths that needed to be said, if name calling is slander then I’m guilty of that.
    The last fouteen words in the last sentence is a joke…
  13. I did my bit as a good citizen today while picking up a few things in Asda with my partner.
    There was I minding me own business walking around the DVD and CD section of Asda when I notice a young man in his twenties well dressed picking off the security tags and placing them behind and sticking them on other CDs, I thought what’s he up to so I made myself look like I was interested in buying one myself. He looked around a few times to see if anyone was looking at what he was doing and as he did so I managed not to arouse his suspicions.
    I moved away and caught the eye of an assistant who I immediately told; she went off behind the pharmacy counter and made a phone call, by this time my partner had joined me from purchasing some underwear in the lingerie department. The assistant who I had told said that he was being watched and thanked me for pointing him out to her.
    While my partner and I was waiting for the pharmacist to return from a break [more than likely a fag one] I was told again by the same assistant that the lad had tried to walk out without paying for them and he had been detained for questioning, as my partner and I left the store there was a police car parked just outside of the main doors…. jobs a good un.

    Do you remember the web site I got banned off? If not here’s a reminder……well I’ve managed to rejoin under another user name. ‘He’ the bill payer reckons he’s smart but he’s not all that in fact he’s rather thick in my opinion and I will tell you why.
    There’s a thread entitled ‘look at what’s at the bottom of my garden.
    In the latest few posts there’s pictures of bags of saw dust placed against a perimeter fence, it’s clear from the pictures that the contents of some of those bags has spilled out through the metal fence onto the pavement.
    Its been made quit clear to everyone that this company is a joinery firm and what does a joinery firms deal with? That’s right timber; well this plonked thought the spillage from those bags was ballast…. need I say more?

    My partner went to the doctors the other day for a check up, she’s already taking tablets for her blood pressure, now she has been given water tablets too, told her she will be rattling soon.
    I had a bad night last night spent most of it awake because I was coughing, I’ve had this cold for over two weeks now and its left me with a dry throat and a tickly cough. Have been taking Lem Sips with hot water and a tea spoon of honey at night, hoping its gone by Wednesday when we fly…cough cough!

    It’s the club tonight going about half eight, not all the time but some Saturdays we venture into our local club on a evening, there’s always a singer on and three games of bingo to be savoured.

    Tomorrow it’s pork for our Sunday dinner with crackling and then later in the evening we shall be dancing in the Polish club up at Sherwood rise Nottingham.

  14. Diezel took me for a run and a sniff this morning up at Orchid woods, met two other dog walkers, spoke to one didn’t get near enough to the other to have a conversation.
    I know that last statement sounds rather boring but after I get back from taking the van out my dog always has a couple of days doing nothing, its as if he’s catching up on lost sleep.
    My partner and I have taken to not sleeping in the coffin above the cab anymore, so that means Diezel my boxer dog is ousted from sleeping under the table and has to sleep now in the space that’s left, basically in the kitchen area, there’s plenty of it but not as cosy as he’s use to, hence, when we get back from our adventures he sleeps for England.

    Not had any tickets delivered yet, I heard on my local news station that East Midlands airport is back to normal so it’s looking good for our holiday, if they haven’t come by Friday I shall be on the phone asking where have they got to.

    Every Thursday evening we go dancing but not tonight, it’s the AGM instead, we were going but I don’t think we are now.
    A friend told us that we ought to go, apparently there are three new candidates who are standing for the committee, these three members have been on the committee before and made a right mess of the club so basically they want us to vote against them getting on the committee again.

    Went around to my daughters yesterday to ask her to do us a favour, to ask her to pick us up on the 5th of May from the airport, we land back from Fuerteventura at about eleven fifty post meridian, she agreed with no hesitation, she’s a diamond.
    Their family car blew a head gasket the other evening when she was on her way back from her sons football training, he plays for Forest Academy, his dad is a coach.
    I’m guessing it’s a head gasket on how my daughter described what was coming out of the exhaust pipe, steam and black dust.
    The car is a VW Torage, sorry for the spelling, it’s a diesel with only forty thousand on the clock and only three years old, just out of the warranty period too.
    I reckon it’s going to be an expensive repair.
    Told her she can borrow mine if she needs transport, at the moment she’s using her mother in-laws.

  15. Cucumbers! Do these vegetables to you conjure up naughty thoughts?

    I asked a lady in Asda the other day to stop fondling one as my partner and I were looking for vegetables to make a stir-fry for our dinner, to go with the two pieces of chicken breast my partner had taken out of the freezer.
    She took my comment in fun when I told her to stop trying to straighten it from it’s natural curve, the lady she was with also smiled and reddened slightly but still took my comment in good humour.

    Whenever we go shopping I try to buy British produce especially in the fresh vegetable section, but of late have found that practice very difficult to accomplish.
    As a rule I like to know where each individual item of veg has come from, we bought two items of veg, a pack of six sweet peppers and a bunch of spring onions, what astounded me the most was where the spring onions had come from, would you believe Mexico, yep that’s right all the way from Mexico and the peppers were from Spain where else I ask myself.
    I have garlic from Spain, a half eaten cucumber from Greece, and a lettuce from god knows where in the fridge veg draw.
    We bought British Mushrooms as a pose to Spanish and only got half the quantity.

    Bacon and sausage is another British priority for me, my partner doesn’t really mind what part of the globe her meat comes from and is ignorant on how the animals are treated abroad, she didn’t see the program I saw last year.
    After watching that program on the television that highlighted where supermarket cheap meat comes from and how the animals are treated before slaughter I now avoid whenever possible foreign meat produce, basically any meat that comes from across the channel.

    We could be on for that holiday I booked on the Internet the other week, the no fly zone across the UK has been lifted, I’m not going into the politics of such a decision but I think it was rather a knee jerk one from all reports I have read.
    If we hadn’t been able to take to the sun we were going to take the van down south for a week, my partner hasn’t seen Stone Henge or as she been through the Cheddar gorge or experience a wind swept night in the Exmore forest in a lay-by just off the A39 looking over to Cardiff.
    Just over a year ago Diezel and I spent a night in that lay-by, I had to move the van in the middle of the night because it was blowing a gale, the wind and rain was that hard the van was rocking from side to side, at the time I was sleeping in the overhead coffin, the rocking from side to side made me feel quit ill, that’s unusual for me, I never have suffered seasickness before.

    My partner over laid this morning, I’m wondering if she made it to the gym before she started work, she joined weight watchers a month ago to try and lose a little weight, personally I don’t mind a woman with fat on the bone makes the meat sweeter in my opinion.
    I weight trained or you could say I trained as a body builder for twenty years, I trained my son for five of those before he got married, he now jogs to keep fit, I myself aint bothered anymore, really I should be but to be honest keeping fit is something I don’t see as a priority besides I just don’t have the drive to put myself through the pain barrier once more. As I pass the joggers on the road I can see the pain and agony they are suffering just to say in the pub at the weekends ‘ three time a week I go for a run….
    Don’t get me wrong; I use to jog myself as part of a fitness regime to play ice hockey albeit against a girl’s team.
    My late wife was a manager of a girl’s ice hockey team, once a year normally at the end of the season they would challenge the boy friends and parents of the team to a game, obviously we never won the challenge but it was fun to take part.

    I have to get my own dinner today; my partner is going to see her mum straight from work that means she will not be home until late afternoon.
    The home my partners mum is in smells, as one walks through the doors of the place one is hit by the smell of urine or something that smells much like it, I asked my partner can she smell it, she never can, so is it me then? It’s either stale urine or bleach they use to clean the toilets with.
    I’m hopping I don’t end up in one of those places, as one passes the day rooms the majority of the in mates are asleep or nodding.

    How many of those plastic charity bags can one fill in a week, do these people think I have wardrobes full to the brim with unwanted clothing.
    I get at least three of those begging plastic bags a week, in fact one has just been put through me letter box as I write.
    I use them as bin liners and garden rubbish bags saves on buying custom liners and bin bags from Asda.