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  1. Well can I first of all start by saying - What a FANTASTIC MEET!!!!

    We arrived on Thursday 27th December in the dark and was met by Eric who managed our booking and was a great help throughout the meet. He lives in an RV on-site and was kind enough to temporarily move from his usual spot to make sure that we could all camp together.

    Jim & Sian (Jim) were the next to arrive on the 28th and were followed over the next few hours/days by the rest of the attendees.

    It was a very quiet meet where nothing very interesting happened at all...

    YEAH RIGHT!!! :Rofl1:

    Saturday 29th

    Even attending at all can be eventful - as was proved by the arrival of Linda and James (LC1962). The nightly charge for the site included EHU but Linda & James must have decided that they would try and wangle a group discount by tripping the electric as soon as they hooked up! A strong smell of deja-vu for any Bosworth attendees?

    Jim decided that when his daughter needed some medical treatment that a little trip to a pharmacist in Grantham would be in order. After all it was only 6 miles and a quick taxi ride away. I decided to tag along for the ride. Had I realised that this 'short trip' would turn into a 3 hour excursion via 'pharmacy - hospital - out of hours surgery - closed pharmacy 1 - closed pharmacy 2 - asda pharmacy - back to site' I may have decided on a more relaxing activity for my afternoon. Still, Jims £40 taxi bill meant he probably enjoyed it a lot less than I did. (Jims daughter was happily sorted out, BTW).

    No meet is complete without some RV damage and Lyndon & Emma (LyndonRV) obliged by taking on a bus in a jousting competition. Unfortunately the bus won and Lyndon arrived on-site minus one chrome offside mirror. James (LC1962) redeemed himself for his electrickery by fabricating a makeshift replacement from a spare piece of mirror glass and some gaffer tape. Unfortunately for Lyndon I sense that his cheque book will be losing weight quicker than any of us following the recent festivities.

    Most of those that had arrived enjoyed a quiet(!) evening in the pub.

    Sunday 30th

    Pretty quiet day really, more motorhomes arrived and nothing really to report...


    A few of us decided to pop into the restaurant for lunch (due to lack of cooking facilities in anyones camper, ahem...) and that was at 2pm after which (at Pammy's insistence, I hasten to add) we relocated to the bar for a drink, 'just to be social, like'. We stayed there until MIDNIGHT!:Eeek:. But don't worry, we didn't forget to dilute all those soft drinks by forgetting to eat again. Oh, no siree bob. After Suzy cleared the way with the establishment, Sian (Jim) popped back to their little camper and returned with a cheese board complete with an extremely large Stilton. James (LC1962) liked it so much he tried to hide the cheeseboard on his knees under the table! Sharon (RockieRV) then disappeared and returned with sausage rolls and cocktail sausages for those who needed something less, well, cheesy.

    Steve (American Dream) had been trying desperately to attend the meet and he managed to make a flying visit (albeit RV'less). He joined us in the pub for most of the afternoon and despite the 'return to base' call from the missus on the phone in the bar (c'mon, you've had one yourself) he managed a couple more before leaving.

    Monday 31st - New Years Eve

    Due to late cancellations we had a spot free and Gerard & Anne (Gezza) phoned Suzy early on and arranged to come down and fill the last pitch.

    John (Roadrunner) very kindly offered to run me and Jim to Asda for some last minute necessities (how's the wind up LED torch, Jim) and he bought some extra long whistling condoms for himself (he said they were screaming balloons for the party later, but we knew :Wink:)

    We all descended on the restaurant at 7pm and I have to say that it was an excellent meal. Three courses and coffee on New Years Eve' for £18.95 proved great value and everyone enjoyed the meal. We then made our way to the pub (purely for traditional reasons - I'm sure you understand...) and we were joined by Jock & Rita (JockandRita) who had planned a suprise visit telling only Suzy and myself which meant that they did indeed suprise their many friends.

    The usual New Years Eve' celebrations followed but we did manage to include a stage show by 'Pans People' (or should that be 'Jan's People'?) comprising of Jan (Forestboy), Sian (Jim) and Emma (LyndonRV). That was the original line-up and as is the case with all pop groups they reformed several times throughout the night and included Ruth (Winniebagotony), Ginny (Jim) and they held the crowd until they were supplanted at the top spot by 'snakehips' Tony (Winniebagotony) who also took the opportunity to dance the night away with his good lady wife, Ruth.

    Now as we all know all good things come to an end and at about 1am the pub decided to close and bring the party to an least, that was the plan! What actually happened was that Suzy and myself emptied the booze locker on our RV onto an outside pub table, Jim brought his Ipod music system and John (Roadrunner) brought his fluorescent camping torch and we partied on until after 3am! The night did eventually come to an end and we all made our way back to our respective campers in a quiet and dignified manner. (All together now 'Hey, Baby...oooh, ahhhh, I wanna kno-o-o-ow...')

    Tuesday 1st Jan 2008

    We all rose bright and early and went for a jog along the canal....


    Okay, we all rose bleary eyed and worse for wear at about 10:30am and proceeded to eat our way through half a pig in the form of bacon baps and a tankerful of coffee provided by Suzy and eagerly cooked by several chefs on Jim's Cadac with Rory's (Forestboy) gas. A truly joint effort and really showed the true spirit of a meet.

    All that was left to do was for people decide when to pack themselves up and wend their way home which most did on the 1st.

    I would like, at this point, to give particular mention to one departee who decided at the last moment to present us with one final bit of entertainment. I am, of course, referring to Keith (KandS) who presented us with an impromptu striptease in the car park. Whether this was down to genuine high spirits or an incident known as the 'Black Tank Boom' which most RV'ers experience at least once I'll leave for Keith to 'come clean' about! :Wink:

    That left 6 of us on-site to depart on Wednesday the 2nd but to be honest, there's nothing left to say as the activities of the previous few days meant that for most of us it was a quiet period of reflection and recollection.

    So, there you have it.

    I can't see ANY reason why YOU would NOT want to come to next years New Year Meet...can you?