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  1. Well in August 2014 we made the decision to leave the RV fraternity and go back to the joys of owning a European motorhome again,so in September 2014 we placed an order for a N&B Arto 88F.We ordered it with TravelWorld in Telford.We have dealt with them in the past and been treated very well and also they are the sole importer of Niesmann Bischoff into the UK.We were given an initial delivery date of end of March 2015.But now the date has been put back to wk 17 which is the 3rd week in April because Fiat are about 5wks behind with their right hand drive tag axle chassis:(.but never mind we are almost into April now so hopefully wont be long now.shame we have had to cancel Chester but sometimes it happens.Our next and 1st trip will hopefully be to Coniston in the lake district first bank holiday of May.Keeping fingers crossed.(y)to be continued.
    5th April 2015,well popped over to the Chester Food Festival for a couple of hours today.we were actually booked in to rally with MHF but because our motorhome hasn't arrived we thought we would show our faces.nice to see Jim again (it,s been quite some time ) also met Brian (Hilldweller)and his good lady and several other members,nice bunch.they had a great turnout there about 120 motorhomes I think.bought some gorgeous sausages,a large pork pie to die for and some mouthwatering cheeses(y).to be continued.
    Brian & Jo
  2. hi there to all you guys on line,havnt been on for a couple of months,just bin busy.been away 3 times this year so far,once to the peterborough show and twice on rallies with the autotrail owners trip out is bank holiday weekend 2 norfolk and the caravan club national rally.had bout a new safari room for our cheiftain at the york show last year and got 2 put it up for the first time at peterborough show,wot fun:Angry:try doing that without a ladder:Rofl1:if anyone wants to contact us please do we dont bite (much) we are keen to chat.ok see you for now,happy trips brian and jo
  3. Hi members,just got back from york show.had a good time but friday morning brought with it lots of amphibious motor homes:Smile:lots of entertainment from our pitch:Smile:but good weekend.left at 8 this morning so missed any chaos getting out.look forward to next wife jo sends her regards to all members.if you went to the sat.nite enterainment you will hav seen our son josh on stage with bobby davro,thats his claim to fame:thumb:take care all,regards brian