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  1. We flew in from NZ, and our married children had bought a motorhome that we bought off them, insured (bit of a hassle) and then off to France and Italy first time, then France - Switzerland, and last time France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and back to France, loved those Airs, ACCI, French Passion sites, and the whole experience, plotting how we can do it again
  2. We have completed importing privately our motorhome into NZ and all has gone well, have not had to do anything to get it to compliant for NZ roads, though did get a NZ Transport exemption for no hubmeter (as we pay for diesel us under Road User Chargers). Had electrics checked for certificate and all good now the self containment which means we need to put a screw attached hose onto the waster water when emptying it, otherwise all good. Has been worthwhile and would do it again