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  1. I guess the main problem I'm having when trying to restore this Old RV to near it's original state is obtaining original parts.

    The web is a great resource but only if the information exists out there.

    I was thinking, that there must be far more experience , knowledge and knowhow within the RV/Motorhoming community and maybe this could be the place to share it.

    For example, I have recently had to try and source a Propshaft U/J and sliding yoke assembly for our RV.

    Remember this is 28 years old.

    Hunted high and low and things looked grim. There were people who could POSSIBLY source one from a breakers yard etc.

    I actually got a new one from a company in the USA who still lists and manufactures these.I couldn't believe it.

    Same with a pair of rear light clusters.Again brand new and current listing in their catalogue.

    Did mean sending a few emails to the Company CEO and others.:BigGrin:

    I cannot be the only one in this situation.

    Maybe this Blog can be aimed at helping out others trying to source parts?