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  2. webasto dualtop update,the drop out valve has been fixed under warranty (early models did have problems) while the boiler was out i had it serviced which was advised by webasto every two years, the cost being £230.00, a gas boiler costs £300.00 complete and also cheap to service, which makes the webasto duel top at £1,700.00 to fit plus the two yearly service at £230.00 very expensive.:Sad:
  3. we have had dualtop in our motorhome for 23 months,one month left on warranty,water was dripping out of dropout valve,i set the control to drop water but it was stuck,took it back to where it was fitted,it appears as there is scale in the boiler the warranty is void,as with most motorhomes it gets little use,so far they cannt fix it as they used the last valve last week, which had to come from germany,anyone out there with the same system as me needs to make sure if it is possible that they discale the unit and undo the valve to make sure it doesnt jam up. looks like we have a lot of problems ahead with these valves. apart from this problem we cannt fault the soon we know costs of work will put it on this site.:Sad: