You know it is going to cost you money

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Forget borning Sunday, Expensive Monday is worse in my book than a day with little to do.

The kids all came round to see the old folks.. Now we live in a normal 3 bed house which is about the normal family size. Has enough seats for us and a few others. But when our children and there kids come it is hell.

Feeding the tribe is bad enough, but then to get dragged down to Toys R Us is the worse thing for my wallet than visiting a motorhome show. Malvern was bad news for the wallet.

Crystal my sons 5 year old wanted (needed) a new bike. After 3 of the four children drove us and the store staff round the bend driving the bikes around the store..yes Toys R Us allow them to and encourgae it... they must be mad.

So we looked and I made the noise's about wait and see what Father Christmas brings you... so off we go up the road to Halfords... no ... more expensive and less helpful and not much room to move about in (and it is a new store only open 4 weeks)... back to Toys R Us... Well Sue the boss went back with my son and I stayed back at the house with the kids... I got the wrong end of the deal. - mind you I did get a big mac as my reward... so much for the diet.

Half hour later the boss comes back with a flat packed bike.. yes flat packed like an MFI put together cupboard. Easy I thought, I can put a bike together, all said and done I maintaine an RV... 3 hours later we finally have the bike put together, stablisers in place and the bell working and the complicated:Doh: brakes actually stopping the bike as they should.

So can I trade the boring Sunday back and get rid of the expensive Monday.
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