You are nicked my son!

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I did my bit as a good citizen today while picking up a few things in Asda with my partner.
There was I minding me own business walking around the DVD and CD section of Asda when I notice a young man in his twenties well dressed picking off the security tags and placing them behind and sticking them on other CDs, I thought what’s he up to so I made myself look like I was interested in buying one myself. He looked around a few times to see if anyone was looking at what he was doing and as he did so I managed not to arouse his suspicions.
I moved away and caught the eye of an assistant who I immediately told; she went off behind the pharmacy counter and made a phone call, by this time my partner had joined me from purchasing some underwear in the lingerie department. The assistant who I had told said that he was being watched and thanked me for pointing him out to her.
While my partner and I was waiting for the pharmacist to return from a break [more than likely a fag one] I was told again by the same assistant that the lad had tried to walk out without paying for them and he had been detained for questioning, as my partner and I left the store there was a police car parked just outside of the main doors…. jobs a good un.

Do you remember the web site I got banned off? If not here’s a reminder……well I’ve managed to rejoin under another user name. ‘He’ the bill payer reckons he’s smart but he’s not all that in fact he’s rather thick in my opinion and I will tell you why.
There’s a thread entitled ‘look at what’s at the bottom of my garden.
In the latest few posts there’s pictures of bags of saw dust placed against a perimeter fence, it’s clear from the pictures that the contents of some of those bags has spilled out through the metal fence onto the pavement.
Its been made quit clear to everyone that this company is a joinery firm and what does a joinery firms deal with? That’s right timber; well this plonked thought the spillage from those bags was ballast…. need I say more?

My partner went to the doctors the other day for a check up, she’s already taking tablets for her blood pressure, now she has been given water tablets too, told her she will be rattling soon.
I had a bad night last night spent most of it awake because I was coughing, I’ve had this cold for over two weeks now and its left me with a dry throat and a tickly cough. Have been taking Lem Sips with hot water and a tea spoon of honey at night, hoping its gone by Wednesday when we fly…cough cough!

It’s the club tonight going about half eight, not all the time but some Saturdays we venture into our local club on a evening, there’s always a singer on and three games of bingo to be savoured.

Tomorrow it’s pork for our Sunday dinner with crackling and then later in the evening we shall be dancing in the Polish club up at Sherwood rise Nottingham.

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